What Preserves Roses In A Vase?

Who will not be happy if someone you love gives you a bouquet of roses? Rose flower which is one of the most beautiful flowers in the world and you have it from someone you love. Definitely excited! So, maybe you want to kept it forever. But unfortunately you can’t do it if you doesn’t know how.

Why? Basicly because it is a cut flower that will be withered for a few next days. This is not a flower artificial! However, actualy there are several tips to keep your roses last longer in a vase. So what preserves roses in a vase?

There are three basic tips to make preserves roses in a vase. Here are the tips and please choose the way you think is the most suitable for you.

Change The Water Everyday

When you get a bouquet of roses, usually at the end of the stem are covered with aluminum foil or just watery cotton with plastic cover. Or whatever it is, you just need to free the stem from it. Then, you must to cut the tip of the stem for about one centi meters with a slopping position. You need also to pick the leaves if they have it on the tip of the rose stem. If the thorns are present, you need to discard too from the stem. Fill up the vase with clean water and input the roses into it.

This is the very basic and traditional ways to preserves roses in a vase. You need to change the water every day and also you need to cut the tip of the stem about one centi meters before you input again into the vase. Pay attention if there are leaves color turn into brown or rather wilted, you need to pick and throw it.

How long the bouquet of roses will survive with this way? For average, it will last for 7 days. But actually it depends from how old is the flower from the harvesting and staying at the store. If the flowers delivery from farmers need to take one day and two days staying at the florist. So the age of your roses will be 3 days of age when you received it. That means maybe your roses will save only for four days.

Add Formula To The Water

As well as the first way on the first paragraph, firstly you need to cut the tip of the stem. The difference is on the water ingredients. You need to fill up the vas with warm water, then add vinegar one-fourth of spoon. Vinegar works to slower the growth of bacteria that cause decay of stem. If you doesn’t have vinegar, you can change it with lemon or glycerin that you can buy it from the pharmacy.

Another things that will slow the growth of bacteria is clothing bleach. Add this only one per eight of tea spoon. Or the last formula that you can try is adding one tablet of aspirin. Finely mashed aspirin then dissolve into the water of vase.

The Refridgerator

This is the last step that you can try to keep your roses last longer in a vase. Still you need to do the very basic ways that is cut the tip of the stem. Then keep your roses in a vase into refridgerator. This will make your roses last more longer. But, unfortunately this last step to preserves roses in a vase has a weakness which is surely you cannot enjoy the freshness and the beautiful of your bouquet of roses at your room. You need to check occasionally to enjoy the beautifulness of your roses that you received from someone you love in the refridgerator.

That’s the ways to save your roses last longer in a vase. But the important things to do that you need to pay attention is always keep away your vase from direct sunlight, keep away from the heat of lamp so you must to save it in the dark room if night come up. Spray the flowers with water three times a day to keep your flowers freshness.

The maximum resistance of those step for average is about two weeks. Hmmm… you may disappointed because they can not stay more and more longer, aren’t you? But don’t worry, if you want to make your roses long life. You can do it to make preserved roses.


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