Vodka: Not Only Liked By Humans, But Roses Too

Vodka is a distilled beverage that I think many people knows it although not everyone like this beverage. Some of them forbidden to drink this kind of beverage by their religion. But do you know what? If you a person who like vodka and often to drink it, also you love to put the rose cut flowers in your vase, you may want to share it with them. So, vodka is not only liked by humans, but roses too. Do you know why?

Because the vodka could preserving rose cut flowers in your vase. Vodka that composed primarily of water and alcohol (usually 40 percent of alcohol) can make people who drink it get drunk. The theory of preserving roses in water inside vase is how we can prevent the growth of bacteria. So, when we add some vodka to the water of vase, it may the bacteria get drunk and then they growth slowly which is making the roses could live last longer. Yes, that is just my jokes theory, so why and how vodka could make rose cut flowers live longer in the vase?

The Theory

Like I said before, the theory for making roses live longer in the water is to prevent the growth of bacteria. Alcohol are known as antibacterial agent and vodka has 40 percent of alcohol that can prevent the growth of bacteria rather than harmful.

Another theory why cut flowers mature caused by their ethylene production (ripening gas emitted). Vodka probably could inhibiting the ethylene production so the wilting process will go slowly. Don’t ever think that a pure alcohol (100 percent) could preserve the roses because like people that can only tolerate small concentration of alcohol, so the flowers too. And maybe another ingredients from vodka help the roses live longer in the water.

How To Use Vodka For Preserving Rose Cut Flower?

You need to add only a teaspoon of vodka for one litre of water, so if your vase could only filled with a half litre of water, you just need to add a half teaspoon of vodka. Or to make it easy, just add a teaspoon of vodka for one litre of water then fill the vase from that formula according to the capability of your vase. Don’t forget to stir it when you have been added the vodka to the water.

Then, before you input the roses to the vase, don’t forget to cut the tip of the stems with a sloping position to better intake the water. For better results, you can mix it with a teaspoon of sugar for one litre of water. Change the water every day, refreshing the vodka and sugar each time and cut the tip of the stems too before you input again into your vase .

Using this formula usually the stems start off perky and bright and the roses bloom very quickly. However if you never drink vodka, or you may think this way of preserving roses are quite expensive because you need to buy vodka. You can try with another ways such as preserving it using coins.


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