Various Types of Roses Existing in the World

Are you flowers or plants lovers? It would be nice to know a wide variety of flowers widespread almost all over the world. The color and shape of flowers are diverse would be tastes interesting to explore further.

This time, let us identify the kinds of roses that can be found in various parts of the world. Roses included in genus Rosa and Dicolylodonae class. This flower is considered to have a promising economic value, because of that roses plant are widely cultivated as a business. Roses famous for their beautiful colors and the fragrance fragrant. No wonder if roses including one of the popular ornamental plants in the world.

Behind their beauty, roses also save a lot of benefits for health and beauty. For example, as an antidepressant, the herb skin rejuvenation, a source of vitamin C and aromatherapy. Even roses can also be used as a jam of roses, tea roses, and gelatin. Here are some kinds of roses based on their varieties.

One type of yellow rose
One type of yellow rose

Various Kinds of Roses Ancient

Ancient Rose or Old Garden Roses has a wide range of characteristics and size. The oldest descendant of the ancient roses is Alba which only blooming once a year. Gallica, other breeds only bloom in summer. Centifolia, descendants of the ancient roses in the Netherlands. Fashioned roses that only bloom in autumn named Damask. Moss, who is a close relative of Centifolia has unique characteristics, which is the leaves and stems are green like moss covered. Another ancient Rose are Tea, Portland, China, Hybrid Perpetual and Bermuda Rose has a unique shape and scent.

Various Kinds of Wild Roses

Wild roses is one of the kinds of roses that long ago already known by man. This type of roses are known with a simple shape, high resistance to pests and diseases also easy to breed. There are more than a hundred species of wild roses that can be found in the world. In general, wild roses will quickly grow in the plains valve cool. Because of its superiority, wild roses are often used for grafting roses. Wild roses can grow in a way to grow as vines or shrubs. When in bloom, wild roses will look beautiful.

Various Kinds of Modern Roses

In 1867, appears cultivars of roses that became the beginning of the modern roses. The forms of modern roses are extremely diverse. The advantages of modern roses is the ability for continuous flowering, double flowering and has a number a lot of petals. Most of the modern kinds of flowers have a fragrant scent, while others are not. An expert roses origin Lyon, Frenchman named Jean-Baptiste Guillot creates a La France rose. This rose was created through a cross between Madame Rose, Viktor Verdier, and Rose Madam Falcot.

That is the kinds of roses based on their varieties. Besides those already mentioned above, there are also English Rose derived from crosses of modern roses and old-fashioned roses. The roses are able to bloom repeatedly and have a more fragrant scent. Other roses are no less unique is Buck Roses, a rose that resistant from various diseases and cold temperatures.


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