Unique Facts Of Black Roses

Black roses has a dark color yet elegant, who is not fascinated by the beauty of this color of roses? Anyone would be blown away by this  unique and rare flower. Although many people who can see the beauty of the black roses in a variety images of online media, but there is no doubt that its existence is still very rare and only a few people who were given a golden opportunity to be able to see instantly and even touch. Actually what is the black roses and how can these flowers are black. Well, no need to wonder anymore to think about the answer because we will discuss unique facts of black roses here.

Facts About Black Roses

Did you know that black roses is not really have black color absolute original. In fact, black roses is actually a dark purple or dark red. Because it was so concentrated and contained high pigment of this type of roses makes very dark color to approaching black. According to research in the plant world, the dominant pigment in black roses plants are the pigment of anthocyanin. In addition to these pigments, many other factors also affect significantly as a genetic abnormality in certain types of roses species, the content of the substrate contained in the soil where the plant grows, climate and weather, and also the flavonoid compounds in the area’s plant life.

It also said that the volume of rainfall and sunshine in the area growing of black roses strongly influence the formation of black roses. According to research by botanically scientists, the intensity of minimum sunlight backed by high rainfall is the main requirement to creation dark-colored roses. Anthocyanin pigments that are normally oxidized and decomposed with the help of sunlight, due to high rainfall and lack of sunshine that illuminates the causes of the process is delayed and finally the anthocyanin pigments accumulate. That stacking pigment causes colored roses into the resemble of darkest black. Therefore, usually this type of roses can only be found in forested areas of the country inland temperate or subtropical.

Unique Facts Of Black Roses

Philosophy of Black Roses

Apart from the fact that there are about black roses, there are so many rumors about the philosophy of this roses. The black color which we know is often associated with negative things and mystical. Some people say that the black roses are intermediaries between the human world and the invisible world. Those assumption is then made of black roses as one of the offerings or incantation. Even more, some people even associate these flowers with the blood-sucking vampire. They assumed that this flower comes from the darkness of world.

In addition to the above meaning, black roses are also often seen as a symbol of love to death. Love to death here means the love that is deep and possessive. This kind of love story usually describes for someone who is very faithful to one partner and love immortal until death. Switching from a philosophy of love to death, black roses are also often used as a symbol of the dark or closed organizations, such example, mafia organizations and even organizations that violent sex lovers. Black roses are also commonly used to express condolences will be profound sense of loss. So no wonder that these flowers are often found adorning funerals in their home countries.

Image source: Jannis Andrija Schnitzer


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