Types Of Roses

As a flower lovers, especially roses, learning the diversity and also the types of roses is an obligation that we must master it. By knowing everything about roses we will get a lot of convenience if we want to create a rose garden in the future. The type and species of rose plants are very much, especially with the development of technology that allows scientists discover new innovations in creating a hybrid rose. Surely if we discuss it one by one then there will be no end, so for now we will study several types of roses by some groups in general.

Types of Roses By Origin

By origin, roses plant can be categorized into five types. The first one is the Japanese rose. Usually these types of roses can survive in a cold climate and lack of sunlight intensity. The second type is the China rose which also has a similar climate with Japanese rose. The third is the roses that comes from the Middle East, such as Turkey and surrounding countries. Countries in the Middle East usually temperate or subtropical. The fourth type is American origin that have four-seasons climate. The last or the fifth group is a roses plant that comes from the European continent. Usually the roses from this group have a very diverse range of colors.


Classification of Roses By Large Group

Based on the grouping in general, types of roses are divided into three major groups. The first group is the wild roses. As the name suggests, these roses group usually live in the wild and extremely easy to grow even in conditions that are less supportive though. This type of rose is not a rose with double petals, their flower crown usually only consist of a few strands only. Therefore this type of roses typically used as the base layer in the manufacture of a rose bouquet or as a rootstock for rose grafting.

The next type of roses plant is a kind of old garden rose. The definition of old-fashioned rose garden is a species of roses that existed before the discovery of rose hybrids in the 60s in the French State. Usually these types of roses has a fragrant aroma, very suitable to serve as oil essences to make a perfume of roses. Unfortunately, although at the time of the ancient roses blooming plants can produce so many roses, but this type of rose species only blooms in one season. Some types only blooming even just once a year. Although once blooming can last up to two months but we had to wait quite a long time for the roses to bloom again.

The latter type of rose is a modern garden. As already mentioned above, this roses is the hybrid that was developed in the sixties in France. Jean Baptiste Guillot is a breeder of roses or roses expert from France who find this type of hybrid roses which became known as the La France rose. If the old-fashioned roses and wild roses bloom is usually not double, modern garden roses are usually piled stacks beautifully. Another advantage of this type of roses is a blooming period that more frequent and longer than the other types of roses group so we can enjoy its beauty longer.


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