Types of Roses Based on Color and Meaning

There are many types or roses, one of them is a cut flowers. Roses is a kind of cut flowers which is very pretty, therefore many people loved them. Roses actually has many types. However, the most popular and frequently traded are long stemmed roses. In this post I will share information regarding the types of roses based on color and meaning.

Types of roses based on the color on the type of long stemmed generally the most requested colors are red color (we called it as sexy red), white color (we called it white avalanche), a pale pink (we called it sweet avalanche and universe), light pink (we called it revival), yellow (we called it mohana) and orange (we called it voodoo). However, I would add the meaning of roses that are rarely sought by people, but in existence such as green, peach and black. And here are the types of roses based on color and meaning.

Red Roses 

Red roses are the most frequently used a man to show compassion and love to their partner (girlfriend or wife). It is so precisely because the red rose is indeed symbolizes compassion and love. In addition, the color red in roses means showing love, beauty, romance, respect and can also as a symbol of praise to our loved ones.

Types of Roses Based on Color and Meaning

White Roses 

The white rose is suitable to give to friends and lovers, because the white rose symbolizes true friendship, true love, chastity, purity of heart and graciousness. Because of that, many wedding decoration using this color of roses.

Pink Roses

Pink roses symbolize happiness, tenderness, respect and praise for the intended person. There is a pale pink color (pink universe) or the like that is sweet avalanche can be interpreted as an expression of admiration. As for the pink color of the older (revival) can be interpreted as a thank you to the people we are headed.

Yellow Roses 

Not infrequently, the yellow color of roses was calculated as a symbol of hatred and jealousy. But actually yellow roses can be represented as a high sense of friendship, kinship, joy and cheerfulness. So this color of roses is suitable to congrats friends or family who graduated from their college.

Green roses

Prosperity, fertility and harmony is the meaning of green roses. May also be indicated as peace and tranquility. In breadth again, green roses can also be interpreted as a wish to make a new life in a more prosperous future or hope for a better health.

Peach roses

Peach color symbolizes a bond of warmth that exists, so the peach roses more interpreted as a symbol to express his feelings toward his friendship with someone.

Black roses

Black rose very rarely exist as a plant but for long stemmed roses for hand bouquet (with the staining technique) it can be made from white rose and it can be interpreted as hatred. For people who can not express with words of hatred, can use this black roses. However, it is good when we can thrown away our hatred from our hearts. However, the hatred remains a very human thing.

Now that you have known the types of roses based on color and meaning, you can consider what color of roses that would you give to someone.


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