Tips On How To Make Rose Tea

Tea is one of the most popular beverage humans, as well as coffee that contain caffeine generally made from the tea plant, therefore the presentation was called with the name of the tea plants namely “tea”. So are you a fan of tea? If yes, have you ever tried to drink tea made from rose flower? So here there are, tips on how to make rose tea.

Maybe there are some people who do not know that this beautiful flower can be served as an tea. If you’re curious to feel different sensations from the tea roses, you can try to buy them in the supermarket or health food store in your area because now you can get tea roses with very practical. However, if you have a rose plant itself, why do you not to try to make your own? Because to make rose tea is not difficult, and there will be different sensation if you make your own. In this post I will give you tips on how to make rose tea and what beneficial that you can get by consumption the rose tea. Please observe the following instruction:

Take a fresh red roses and make sure it moisture-free, and Pluck the strings skillfully rose petals into sheets of leaves floral. Make sure also the flower you derive free of pesticides because it will consume.

Then you need to enter the rose petals into the tea bag and seal tightly, you can also enter into a bottle and seal tightly. Then let stand a few days or a few weeks in the dark and covered until dry and smell the aroma. Thus the drying roses process is not dried in the direct sun.

After the rose petals was dried, you live like brewing tea brewing regular brewed with hot water. The taste is sour, but with the addition of rock sugar or honey, the sour taste will be much more enjoyable.

Efficacy Tea Rose

From various sources shows that the benefits of drinking tea roses is that you will feel relaxation   (Reliever medication anxiety and depression) due to the fragrance and contained substances of roses. Rose tea are a source of antioxidants and vitamin E, D, C, B3 and A as well as citric acid.

Therefore contents in the rose tea is healthy as it can support the immune system so as to avoid the risk of human diseases. In addition, this tea can also prevent constipation and can help you lose weight to be ideal. So for people who are doing a healthy diet, do not forget to drink this tea.


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