Tips On How To Make Rose Jam

Did you know that roses flower are not only useful as home decoration, event decoration or as a sign of one’s love of their partner? Yes, the fact roses can also be consumed as food and beverages. If previously I have given tips on how to make rose tea, in this post I will give you tips on how to make rose jam.

Maybe most people does not know that roses can also be made into jam which usually presented as a complement to white bread, because it is usually jam is generally made from fruits such as strawberries or pineapple. For you of bread lovers were always smeared with jam, there is no mistake if you try a new sensation of rose jam.

Even this tips on how to make rose jam is also can be an inspiration for you to make a new business which can be done with roses material, because rose jam product in the market are still rare. Well, here are tips on how to make rose jam.

First of all choose a rose that had bloomed and striking bright color, smooth, not broken, not brown, smelled the fragrance and free of pests also make sure free of pesticides. Then wash thoroughly with running water, but if you are not sure the roses are free of pesticides, you can soak the rose petals for three days to clean from pesticides. Flower color will determine the outcome of the rose jam color.

As an experiment, you can try it out with comparison as much as a quarter kg of a rose petal. After the rose petal washed, crushed by the collision or blender, so it would be smooth, when blended add boiled water approximately four and a half cups.

Then the results of the rose blender cooked for approximately ten to twenty minutes using small fire and enter as many as two cups granulated sugar with slowly, stirring until dissolved and become thickened. If you like, you can add lemon juice as much as two pieces.

After so, enter into a clean bottle until it cools, then rose jam ready to consume and store in the refrigerator for durability.

If you want to produce it for sale, you should get a bottle for pasteurization. First wash bottle by dissolving two grams of sixty ppm chlorine to one liter of clean water by soaking for one hour. After an hour, rinse the bottles with hot water. Then boiled bottles containing clean water for an hour to kill bacteria or microbes that exist on the bottle.

Then rose jam that has become incorporated into the bottle and did pasteurized jam to boil the bottles that have been filled jam using a pan over low heat for two hours. Once done, cool and package a bottle as good as possible be accompanied by their own brand labels and stickers ready to be marketed.


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