How to Make Tie Dye Roses

Have you ever heard the term tie dye roses? Yes, it is basically an art using real roses in which you can create or customize colors on their petals. It is really interesting actually. It is mainly if you want to decorate or garnish your home interior with flowers which are different from the others.

More than that, the ways to make it are also quite easy and even the tools and materials needed can be simply found around. So, how can you make it. Here they are for you.

Materials and Tools Needed

As the name, certainly, you will need roses as the main materials. The roses needed here are the white ones. You can buy a dozen at once directly in the florist. Make sure you choose them which are still fresh and even fragrant. Make sure the stem never touch the water.

Sure, for the better results, you should avoid buying them online because the stem will have touch the water. Other materials you should prepare are the dyes with colors as you want. Then, for the tools, there must be some drink cups, craft table, drop cloth, scissors or knife.

The drink cups chosen should be those which are large in size, it is so that the flowers can be standing there in balance while the dying process. Even, if the roses themselves are quite big, you can use buckets.

Let’s Start to Make It

First of all, you should make sure that the roses are in the good conditions like they should be clean without any visible damage. Of course, such things can just lessen the quality of the results later.

Then, you can measure the length of stem. It is better if all of those flowers have similar height, it is around 12 cm. Meanwhile, on the end of the stem, you should cut it with sharp knife or scissors at a 45 degree angle so that the dyed water can be absorb well there.

If there are some leaves on the roses’ stems, you may cut them first. Later, you can use them as the greenery. If you want to make roses which are in multi-color, you can slit the stem vertically and make around two to four sections. Be careful while doing this, if you are not, the stems of your roses can even be broken. You can also pile the roses into some sections as you want based on the colors you want the petals to be.

You can then start to fill in the cups or buckets with water and then drip the food coloring on each of them. If you want, you can mix more than one colors in one glass as long as the color resulted is beautiful.

After the dyed water is prepared, you can start to put on your roses there with the stems facing down. For the multicolored roses, split the sections and put each of them on one cup. You may wait it at least for two hours. Even, the coloring process can be up to 24 hours. Then, if you see they are colored well, you may lift them and put your tie dye roses on your vases.


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