There Are No Blue Roses

Basically, people familiar with roses for only a few colors just like red rose, white, pink, orange and yellow. However, with the permission of God Almighty, human could be genetically engineered so that rose plants today are so colorful – many color variations.

However, have you ever heard about the blue roses plant? To our knowledge, there are no blue roses plant in this world, except the blue rose from cutting flower. So what is the difference between blue roses of plant and blue roses of cutting flower? We distinguish that the word “plant” means in the form of plant or tree that grows on the soil while the word of “cutting flower” we mean as cut flowers that especially here are stemmed rose that have been picked from the garden.

So we conclude that there are no blue roses plant and automatically the seedlings did not exist. While blue roses of cut flowers were there, but the blue color is not natural but was originally from a white rose dipped in blue liquid, so blue roses  of cut flowers were there but simply manipulated by human.

However, in 2004, a Japanese company called Suntory officially unveiled their findings of the blue roses genetic. Despite the fact that the resulting blue color is not the light blue color in general, but Suntory blue rose has a lilac color that comes closest to the blue color than other genetic engineering. Another say it like lavender color, here are the picture of suntory blue rose:

Source: Applause

Do you think that is blue? How about this picture that taken by myself?

Blue roses osmosis technique

However the blue roses picture that was taken by myself is not the real blue roses, but the blue came from the white roses dipped in blue liquid. We called this technique as “osmosis technique”, this happen only for rose cut flower not for planting. So how to do the osmosis technique to change the white roses into blue, green, purple or any other color? Please subscribe to this blog, we will explain it on the next article.

Update: Tips On How To Make Blue Roses


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