The Roses Philosophy

Everyone who doesn’t yet know the philosophy of roses must have asked wondering what is the real meaning of this one flower that makes so many people loved it. Not only the real plants of flowers, even a lot of people want to capture the beauty of roses into a painting, tattoos, and even other crafts. Is there so much depth and strength of the roses philosophy? In this occasion we will discuss about the roses and the philosophy attached to it.

Beautiful Roses But Thorny

Roses was created with a very stunning. If we look at the beautiful flowers and have overlapping petals and blooms slowly, beautifully, surely anyone would be blown away. Coupled with a variety of rose colors are so numerous and bright. Everyone who has a different favorite color can definitely get her favorite rose color, from red, white, pink, orange, purple, yellow and even the color of the mixture.

roses philosopy

According to the philosophy, the beauty of rose symbolizes the beauty of women. As we know, when the roses still buds they already looks very fresh and pretty. Just like a teenage girl growing up. When blooming, the petals will open bit by bit and finally shows a perfect beauty as an adult woman who has entered a mature age.

On the other hand, the diversity of rose colors can be analogized as the nature and different character of the inner beauty of each woman. There are Courageous and passionate as red roses, there are full of joy and warmth such as yellow roses, there is a calm and thoughtful as white roses, there were soft and melancholy like pink roses.

As we all know, the roses is a true flower in the category of shrub. Plants like this are usually very strong, growing rapidly and was even able to survive without shelter. Another thing that makes this plant look more formidable are the thorns that adorn the entire stem. Usually the number and sharpness thorns of roses has different on every species.

Roses who doesn’t have sharp thorns are very rare, but there are some species of roses that have many thorns and too sharp, as an example is a group of wild roses. Then what is the relevance of these criteria with the roses philosophy in addition to those already discussed before?

The figure of rose plants that are strong and thorny is the basic philosophy of the rose as a symbol of a strong woman even though spirited gentle and affectionate. Spines that protect roses from foreign people who want to touch and take the flower may be very aptly describes the power of women to protect the honor and dignity.

As we understand since old time, Women are particularly vulnerable to exploitation and from the free world threat, so that the woman armed with a strong character as the sharp thorns on roses that can easily injure people who are not being careful, and even try to hold it. But it created a shining heart, loving, beautiful roses with a variety of colors that can be very beautiful if we take good care and loving anyway.


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