The Most Enchanting Roses Garden In The World

Can visit the beautiful roses garden like in a fairy tale world is something that many people of roses lovers dreamed. You can imagine how charming a garden filled with roses and various colors too that refreshing the view. In the rose garden like this will be a bright red roses, yellow roses, white roses, pink roses, purple roses, and others. Do you know where is the most enchanting roses garden in the world? There are some garden specifically collect various varieties of roses that we need to know. What’s is the name of the park and in which country are they?

A Rose Garden In Canada

The first country that you need to include in the list of references to visit the rose garden is Canadian. A country located in the Americas have had a rose garden that is very beautiful, the name of the rose garden is Butchart Garden. The main appeal of this rose garden is a unique theme parks division. The park is divided into five sections which are categorized based on the origin and types of flowers. The first part is the Italian Garden, which contains several species or varieties of plants that came from Italy. In addition there are Mediterranean Garden and the Japanese Garden, the Sunken Garden and Rose Garden is also a two-part theme of this Butchart Garden. That part of Rose Garden  is a paradise for roses lovers. There are lots of plants of various varieties of roses with a variety of dazzling color.

Butchart Gardens
Butchart Gardens

A Rose Garden In The United States

Still in the Americas, now we go to the United States which is also famous for the beautiful roses garden. Actually there are several roses gardens that exist in this country, but one of the most popular is the Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden located in New York, precisely in the Bronx in their botanical garden. As already can be guessed from its name, this rose garden is a gift to Peggy Rockefeller who is a roses lover, from her husband David Rockefeller who is a billionaire.

A Rose Garden In England

If we are talking about the most beautiful rose garden, the United Kingdom is one of the roses paradise that are worth to visit. In the UK, there are garden that mostly planted different varieties of roses from around the world. The name for the rose garden is Royal National Rose Society Garden. This rose garden is located in Saint Albans, precisely in Chiswell Green. There are about two thousand and five hundred more species of roses in this garden. You can enjoy more than seven thousand roses along with other flowers such as lavender plants.

A Rose Garden In France

Did you know that the center of the development rose garden modern varieties actually being in the country of France. In this country there is a rose garden called Roseraie de L’Hay which is the oldest rose garden in the world. Remarkably this rose garden has already all kinds of roses species that exist around the world in 1910 which roughly amounted to more than sixteen thousand plants. It is amazing, isn’t it? Therefore, make sure to add the French state to the list of your holiday destination and do not forget to visit this rose garden that were amazing.


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