The Meaning Number Of Roses Which Are Given For Someone

In my past posts, I once wrote that every color of rose has a different meaning, for the uninitiated, please read the post of Types of Roses Based on Color and Meaning. Well, in this post I want to share another meaning from roses of how much the stem you given or receive, actually they are have meaning also. So here are the meaning number of roses which are given for someone.

It was not just from their color that symbolizes the sense meaning of this flower, but in fact giving a rose or over a cluster can have its own meaning. For those of you who are often given a rose by a partner with a certain amount, it could be your spouse give it matches the expression on your feelings. Let’s check out what the meaning number of roses given by your partner for you.

A rose can mean that his love is just only for you. Two stalks can mean you and her love each other. Three stalksĀ can mean an expression of love to you from him. Five stalks may mean that he is very loves you. Six stalks can mean that he wants to be yours. Seven stalks may mean he’s crazy over you. Nine stalks can mean that you love each other forever. Ten stalks can mean that you are beautiful. Eleven stalks can mean that you are the most he loved during his life. Twelve stalks can mean expression matching two hearts. Thirteen stalks can mean that he is your secret admirer. Fifteen stalks can mean that he really sorry for what has been done. Twenty sprigs may mean he is very sincere for loving you.

Meaning Number Of Roses

Twenty one stalks could mean that he expressed his commitment to you. Twenty four stalks can mean that he always remembers you 24 hours a day. Thirty three stalks may mean that he really loved you from the bottom of his heart. Thirty six stalks may mean he is bound romance with your presence. Forty stem can mean his love is really original. Forty four stalks can mean his promise will never waver. Fifty stalks can means he will not regret for loving you. Sixty six stalks can mean the smooth relationship. Ninety nine stalks can mean love by understanding made him immortal. One hundred stalks may mean he’s asking you to be a partner of his life with the mutual love to elderly. One hundred and one stalks can mean his love is just for you alone. One hundred and eight stalks may mean he is asked you to become his life partner. One hundred and eleven stalks can mean eternal love. One hundred and twenty three stalks can mean his love is free. One hundred and forty four stalks may mean he loves you from morning to night forever. Three hundred and sixty five stalks may mean that he loves and always thinking of you every day. Nine hundred and ninety nine stalks can mean his love will continue to survive and lasting forever.

So how much stem of roses do you always receive from your partner? one, two, or 999? Any number of stalks that he given to you, it could be just a phrase without meaning to you but only his way to show his love for you, because not everyone knows the meaning of every stalk that he given.

But after knowing the meaning of a rose, or more stalks, especially for you who want to give the roses to your partner (girlfriend) can also be used as an expression of your heart that describes your feelings on any number of stems for your partner. It’s just that maybe you should ask your partner to read this article so she may know the meaning of the number of stems that you given to her.


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