Recognize The Striped Roses

Are you bored with plain color on roses? Then you have to get to know other types of roses that have unique color shades. One of the roses that have unique color pattern is the striped roses. This type of roses usually consist of two colors and have striped patterns. Well, you may certainly curious right now? Don’t worry we will discuss everything related to striped roses so we can more understanding to this rose varieties and its popularity can be increasingly recognized in the wider community.

Origin Of The Striped Roses

Indeed the striped roses patterned was first discovered in the Netherlands. Basically this type of roses has a striped motif commonly called polka-dotted. But along with the blooming of this flower, polka-dot motif extends to stripe motif.

Maroon-yellow striped roses

According to the horticulture experts, the striped roses are the result of a crossbreeding between a wild roses with the modern one. Having crossed once, the result of cross-bred then crossed again so that it can produce a rose with two shades of color. With the passage of time and the development of increasingly sophisticated technology, people no longer create the striped roses from crossing process that repeated again but from the grafting process so that the results obtained can be much more in a shorter period of time.


Pink-white striped roses

Facts About The Striped Roses

Because it created from a mixture of different types of roses, it is very reasonable that the striped roses still has some shortcomings compared with the usual roses (one single color). The disadvantages that most prominent is the level of their fragrance. If several types of roses are known to have a strong fragrance and often used as a raw material for perfume or the perfume of roses, you might be a little bit disappointed with this kind of striped roses.

This crossbreeding roses has quite weak aroma. However, this striped roses have less thorns than the other type of plant roses in general. So the striped roses will be the right choice and are safe to put in a vase and used as decoration on the table if you like to make it cutting flowers, however it’s just different from the general type of cutting flower of roses (long stemmed roses), this roses is included into the category of decorative rosettes that is more suitable to be as decorative plants in pots or planted directly in the yard.

So far, there have been several types of the striped roses that can be encountered out there. The first one is a rose pink-white striped. This type of striped roses is probably the type of rose-patterned that most ubiquitous. Besides the pink-white striped, there are also orange-yellow striped and maroon-yellow striped. You can choose what type of the striped roses that you like to be planted in the garden of your house.

orange-yellow striped rose

If you want to grow this type of roses, there are some tips that you need to learn first. First of all, the striped roses like a cool air intake but still require adequate sunlight. To make their frequent flowering, you also have to be diligent to cut the stems. Each of the roses will wilt, you should immediately cut off the stems before the flowers fall off. Under such treatment the new buds will appear soon and replace the old ones. Once this beautiful flower are blooming, this type of roses can last up to one week.


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