Roses – Brings Benefits To Beauty and Health

Roses, identical as flower that symbolized love and affection. Which woman would not be happy to be given this flower? In addition to the meaning of roses full of love, apparently saved a lot of benefits that many people may not know.

Roses are ornamental plants and is also known as Rosa Canina in Latin. Because the colors are beautiful, the roses began to rage as the flowers that have different meanings associated with love and friendship.

But you know what? Roses has a myriad of benefits for beauty and health, behind the beauty of their color and fragrance fragrant. Do you want to know what is the usefulness of roses? Keep up the following review.

Roses - Brings Benefits To Beauty and Health

Benefits of Roses for Beauty

In the world of beauty, roses it can also be used to treat the face, skin, and hair. This is because the content of roses consists of vitamin A and vitamin E which is believed to make the skin look fresher and brighter. Even for those of you who have a panda eye problems due to fatigue and lack of sleep, the humidity of roses water could be a solution for you. More recommended treatment rose water is used for those who have dry skin types. Following are the various ways to use roses to take care of your beauty:

Refreshing and Brighten skin – Dip cotton in rose water and pat gently on your face. If you have acne problems, use rose water by means wash your face twice a day.

Maintaining Healthy Hair – Use a few drops of rose water when shampooing or after rinsing the shampoo from your hair in a state of wet hair.

Eliminate Panda Eyes – Dip cotton in rose water and use to compress your eyes.

Maintaining Healthy Organ Intimate Women – Mix warm water and rose water sufficiently and use to wash your organ intimate.

Roses for Health Benefits

Not only for beauty, roses also have health benefits. In addition to vitamins A and E which are good for the skin, in fact roses also contain vitamin B3, vitamin C, and vitamin D. Also contain zinc, antioxidants and tannins in the roses.

For those of you who are often stressed and tired because of the daily routine, rose water essence it can be used as aromatherapy that has a calming effect. Add drops of rose water as much as you want into a tub of warm water that you use to soak.

In addition, a rose petal can be used also as herbal tea to treat bladder infections and ulcers. Warmth sensation and fragrance of roses tea brings a sense of comfort and relax to your entire body. Very well to accompany the afternoon or when it was raining. Even a perfume with rose extracts can raise your mood and certainly makes you more attractive flavorful.

That is the uses variety of roses, both for beauty and health. Not only famous because it looks pretty, now you are certainly more familiar with the rose in terms of the benefits which is good. Well, good luck for utilizing tips about roses above.


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