Roses Bomber Jacket in USA

Facts About Bomber Jackets

Bomber jacket first used by people in the 1927. In that time, bomber jacket actually used by pilots, because the pilots must have flight to the altitude and must have something to protect their body from the coldness of altitude.

In that time, bomber jacket is very useful for the pilots, because it can make body still warm even at the altitude. The British and American Force were issued the first pilots who used the bomber jacket.

In 1988, bomber jacket spread rapidly to the civil or citizens, because not only from the usefulness of this jacket, but the design is too hot to ignore and comfortable to wear.

Added in time when Tom cruise (Hollywood actor) wear this jacket on his movie “Top Gun” in 1986, then the bomber jacket became very popular and booming collateral with the movie.

The basic of bomber jacket that American force made have some features such as ribbing around the waist, a snug turn-down full collar, two large  front_button flap-down pockets, and a zippered front.

Brown leather is the original jacket were made for pilots, but over the years flight bomber jacket is made by other synthetic materials.

Maya Oriental Floral Bomber –

Roses Bomber Jackets

Although the bomber jacket originally made-in addition to the traditional men’s bomber jacket. But somehow, this jacket is famous, there are various styles that are made especially for women.

Time after time keeps going, now everybody can fit to use this type of jackets. Right now so many designs can we found with this jackets. Of course, there are now roses bomber jacket designs. It’s very suitable for you who loves roses.

For you who loves long lasting roses such as real roses that made with preservation technique which now we called it preserved roses. You may also loves to wear roses bomber jacket designs.

So, where to find roses bomber jacket especially in the United States? You can check the lists below, but before that. I just want to tell you that I am not related to the fashion store there, also the lists of fashion store which provides roses bomber jacket designs that I listed below is not by ranking but only based on the first time I found on the internet especially searching from the Google search engine.

Lists of Fashion Store Which Provides Roses Bomber Jackets Designs in USA

Here are 10 fashion store that I found when I search for roses bomber jacket in USA (you can just click the link to visit their products):

  1. Maya Oriental Floral Bomber
  2. Motel Bomber Jacket Iced Rose Tapestry Women
  3. Velvet Floral Embroidered Bomber Jacket
  4. Diesel Embroidered Rose Bomber Jacket Women Clothing
  5. NEEDLE & THREAD ROSE Bomber Jacket
  6. Puma CAREAUX – Bomber Jacket
  7. Glamorous Eagle And Rose Bomber Jacket Multi Women
  8. Roses logo bomber jacket
  9. Reversible nylon and silk bomber jacket
  10. Black oriental print satin bomber


Please shopping carefully, I’m not responsible for any site that I listed above, I just helped you to find roses bomber jacket in the United State of America.


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