Roses Are Beautiful

Who does not know the roses flower? Yes, roses are one kind of many beautiful flowers that exist in this world. Roses which have botanical name Rosa, is a flower that can be grown commercially with high economic value. How can be that way? Because roses are beautiful, suitable as any kinds of ornaments such as hand bouquet, wedding decoration and many more. Therefore, demand for roses is high.

Besides being beautiful, roses has a high economic value because is not easy to cultivated especially the long stemmed roses. Roses is a plant that have spoiled character. The perpetrators of long stemmed roses cultivation have to do well for maintenance or need to be extra careful, and of course all of that cost more to maintain. So, that’s why (again) roses have a high economic value.

Roses are beautiful. Although in their stem there are many thorn on most types , but the flowers are absolutely gorgeous, so often a man declares his love to the woman he loved using a rose, or to give a romantic surprise to the spouse either they is his wife or girlfriend. And many women were very rare or perhaps there is no woman denying if given roses. Again because of the beautiful roses.

Color roses in general that we often encounter are red, pink and white. But in fact there are a huge range of colors such as yellow, orange, even now rose with human technology and the permission from God Almighty could be made into a rainbow of colors, blue, green, black, and others unique colors (especially for rose cut flowers – not the seeds) such as osmosis technique.

Because roses are very beautiful, in Western culture and maybe in this world culture, roses are the flower emblem of love and beauty. In the United Kingdom, rose became a symbol of their national flower and there are many more countries that make more roses as a symbol has its own meaning.

Roses are beautiful, gorgeous apparently, pretty value, beautiful name, beautiful beautiful very beautiful. Do you agree with me? Greetings from the beautiful roses from my first article, my first thought about roses.



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