2 Easiest Ways for Preserving Roses

Preserving roses is a kind of activities which are probably interested by many people. It is mainly if you love making handicraft or souvenir from plants and flowers.

Actually, handicraft from roses is a really good idea. Roses are basically types of flowers with many fans. More than just the shapes, colors, and fragrance which are fascinating, rose are also a proper symbol of love.

So, make it preserved is just a good idea mainly if you have just found roses from your special ones. What should you do then? Well, some ideas below may be inspiring. Check them out.

By Freezing the Roses

It is actually such an old concept. Well, even your foods are able to be preserved more with extremely low temperature. Sure, you can then use your refrigerator for this way.

Firstly, you need to prepare all the materials and tools. Make sure you pick some roses which are in good condition without any visible damages. Rather than having roses which are already bloomed completely, you may choose some of them which are not yet. It is mainly to keep the quality of the roses themselves.

Other things needed are the silica gel and a container. Your roses should be placed in the container with silica gel around. Therefore, you have to pour the silica gel at first. After putting the roses inside, you may bury them with the silica gel before the container is closed tightly.

Put the container of roses inside the refrigerator for around 2 to 4 weeks. At the first day, you may set the lowest temperature. Day by day, you can increase it before the container is taken out. After the freezing weeks are over, it is the time to take the roses out from container and they are ready to be displayed.

By Drying the Roses

Despite freezing them, another way you can do is by drying the roses. So, what are the steps?

Again, you have to pick some roses which are still fresh and nor already bloomed. It is better if you cut the stems at first so that all of the roses are in the same length; it is around 5 to 6 inch. Commonly, roses which are already picked are still wet or moist. Yes, the water contained inside can simply make them wilted. Therefore, you should air-dry them firstly.

It is by hanging them upside down using your cloth pin. After they are already dry, the process of preserving can just be started. It depends on your wants whether you want to use iron or probably oven. However, before you dry them, you have to layer the roses with cooking paper.

The ironing process can be done on the paper. Meanwhile, cooking paper is also needed to be used as the cover when you decide to heat it using oven or microwave. After some minutes, you can take the roses out. Drying process tends to be faster, but for fresh-look preserving roses, freezing them is more recommended.


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