2 Easy Ways for Preserving Rose Petals

Preserving rose petals is so easy. Roses are indeed so romantic whether they are in the form of flowers or maybe the petals only. As you may know, you can even pour the petals on your bed to steam the atmosphere.

More than that, you can also preserve roses. There are some ways you can do to make the petals more long lasting. If they are durable, it can be easier for you to make any other ornaments or garnishes for them. So, what are those ways? Here they are for you.

Using Silica Gel to Preserve Petals

Silica gel is known as a thing which is really effective to make our outfit like shoes, bags, and even clothes become more durable without any attack from termites. Interestingly, it is also effective to make the flower petals more durable as well.

First of all, you have to make sure that the petals are already dry enough. You can dry them by simply airing. Then, you have to prepare cups or container. Then, pour the silica gel on the bottom of container for around 1 inch before the petals are placed there.

The silica gel should be spreading there tightly anyway. After that, it is the time for you to put the rose petals. Of course, if you need to preserve more petals, it means that the container should be bigger as well.

Next, cover the petals with another one-inch of silica gel. After that, make sure that the container is covered tightly and completely without any possibility that the air will be passed through. After around seven days, you can just put out the petals and they are ready to use, whatever they will be used for.

Heating the Petal

Preserving the rose petals with this way is considered as effective for sure. Unfortunately, the result is not really good actually as they are not fresh anymore. You can use your oven or microwave for this.

First of all, you can arrange the petals on a paper commonly for making cakes. Then, the petals along with the sheet of paper can be placed on a tray. Again, just like making cookies and others, you may heat it for at least 3 hours.

The difference is that you should keep the door of oven or microwave open all the time. Remove the tray along with the paper and then you can put the petals on the container for overnight. After that, you can just simply see that the petals are more durable than usual.

Still about preserving the petals using heat, you can also use the iron. The way to do is similar as well in which the petals should be placed on the paper for making cake. Make sure that the petals are covered entirely.

After that, use the iron just like you iron your cloth as usual. Do it repeatedly around 4 or 5 times before you can remove the paper then. Keep the petals in such a dry place after that. You can then use the preserving rose petals whatever you want.


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