5 Easy Methods for Preserved Roses to Do At Home

Preserved roses, how to do that? Rose is a kind of beautiful flower with a lot of meanings. Unfortunately, it can be simply withered if you are not treating it properly. Well, it is reasonable actually. As a type of plant, once the rose is pulled out from the root, it may take only some days or some hours to see them shriveled. So, if you just want to make it long-lasting, you can apply some preservation techniques. So, how to preserve flowers, particularly roses? You can follow some flower preserving tips with the following ingredients and tools.


There are so many ingredients or substances to use to preserve flowers. Glycerin is one of them. This method is quite popular and applied by many florists including preserve flowers Singapore. First of all, pick some fresh roses in the morning with stalks of a minimum of 15 cm. If the stalk is longer, it is getting better. Second, open the petals so that they look livelier and more beautiful after being preserved. Besides, knock the edge of the talk using a hammer to maximize flowers in absorbing glycerin.

The third step of how to preserve fresh flowers is making the glycerin solution. Prepare glycerin and water. The solution comparison is 2:1. Next, boil the solution until both ingredients are really mixed well. Fourth, pour the solution to a small container and wait for it until cooler. Fifth, soak the stalks of roses in the solution; around 6 inches. You can add more glycerin solution if it looks reduced because of being absorbed by the flowers.

The soaking process may take around 6 weeks. Well, it is quite long indeed so that you need to be more patient to make sure that the results are perfect. After 6 weeks, take the flowers out of the glycerin solution and hanging them down in an upside-down position so that the flower areas can absorb glycerin better. Lastly, after the solution has been absorbed well by the flowers, cut off the edges that have been knocked with the hammer. Not only for roses, is this method effective for other types of flowers including the preserved flower bouquet.


Do you think that waiting for the roses to preserve in 6 weeks is too long? Well, you can try the next method, it is by using hairspray. Although hairspray for rose preservation is effective, you should continuously do it. Besides, the freshness may not be as long as when you use glycerin. It is also not an effective method for businesses like preserved roses wholesale. To start the process, make sure to provide hairspray commonly used for hair treatment. Next, the roses along with stalks are put into a vase.

Spray the hairspray to the flower petals. When spraying, it should not be close; around 10 cm is enough. Why shouldn’t it be too close? It is because the hairspray product contains chemical substances that can damage the flower. After spraying the flowers thoroughly, hang preserved roses in the windy area to let hairspray remain dry. You can do this treatment once in three days to keep the roses looking fresh.


Yes, it is true. The microwave you commonly use for cooking is effective also to preserve flowers including roses. However, this method works more effectively for flowers without stalks. The results are used for wall decorations at home or parties. But in terms of durability, they are as good as glycerin preserved flowers.

First of all, select roses well and pick some of them with thick petals. Make sure to avoid choosing them in which the petals look fragile and easily fall out. You should cut the stalks since the flowers will be put on a tray. In case, you want to preserve them using this method along with the stalks, that’s okay. But, you probably cannot preserve many flowers at once. Second, on the tray, pour silica gel or cat litter to absorb the remaining water. Let the roses on the silica gel or cat litter for some hours until they are really dry before the process of preserved flower arrangements. 

Third, put a cup of water in the microwave to avoid the temperature inside being overheated and burning the flowers. Put the flowers along with silica gel or cat litter inside. Heat them up with a low temperature for around 2 minutes. Lastly, take out flowers from the microwave and let them cool. Clean those from silica gel or cat litter, the roses are ready to display. 

Soda Water

The next method for preserved flowers wholesale is by using soda water. There is a note if you want to apply soda water for rose preservation. The soda used must be tasteless, not soda with sugar and coloring commonly used for beverages. You can still find it in stores anyway. However, you must know as well that the durability may not be as long as when you use methods like glycerin and microwave.

It is very easy to apply soda water for roses. Prepare around a glass of soda water. Then, you must also pick some fresh roses in the morning. If there is a large amount of soda water, it means you can use it for more flowers also. Pour the water in a vase and put the roses in it. If in pure water, preserving dried flowers can last only around 3-5 days, with soda water, it is more durable, up to 2 weeks. 


The last method of rose preservations to explain here is using vinegar. Vinegar can simply kill bacteria that cause the putrefaction process in dead creatures including flowers. However, the amount of vinegar should not be too much also since it can cause them to be withered. How to apply it? Pour around a small amount of vinegar (around ¼ of the teaspoon) in a vase with water. Choose some types of red roses and put them inside.

You can change the vinegar solution once a three-day. Although the roses are indeed more long-last using this method, it will not last more than 2 weeks. So, are you interested to apply one of the preserved roses methods above?


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