Preserved Roses in a Box: 6 Ways to Apply for the Best Results

Preserved roses in a box, how to do that? Roses are common to give to the beloved ones as a sign that you love him. But just like other plants, the flowers can be simply withered once they are pulled out from the root. That’s natural for sure. But if you can make them more durable and long-lasting, it should be a better idea. There are some methods to preserve roses. The roses can then be put in a box to make them look more beautiful. Sure, you can also arrange them with other flowers. This idea is good for decorations, including bridal bouquet preservation. So, how to preserve them? You can follow some tips below.

Preserved roses in a box illustration

Using Aspirin before Putting Roses in the Box

Aspirin is a type of drug you must always prepare at home. If you get a headache or something, consuming it just makes you feel better. Uniquely, the drug is also a good idea for preserving flowers. The flowers to preserve with it will look fresh up to around a week or even more. So, how to use it?

Aspirin illustration

You must smooth the aspirin first so that it turns into powder. If it is possible, add salicylic acid in it. Prepare some red roses along with their stalks, not real dried flowers. There is also glass or a jar where you can put the flowers in it. Pour the aspirin solution in the glass or jar. Next, the flowers are also placed in it with halves of the stalks soaked in the water.

You can actually simply display this way in the living room. But if you prefer arranging them in the box for a gift, take out the roses from the jar of aspirin water. Cut off the stalks and prepare the gift box. Now, you can arrange the roses inside based on your tastes and preferences.

Using Hairspray

If you need a shorter method of flower preservation near me without waiting for too many hours, this one is easier. It is by using hairspray. However, the hairspray roses tend to be less durable than them that are preserved with aspirin. First of all, put roses in a jar or in a container. Then, you can spray it from a distance of around 10 cm. Yes, it should not be too close since the process may damage the rose texture.

Hairspray illustration

Wait for some minutes until the hairspray attached is dry. At the same time, you can feel that the flowers are dried as well. Since the remaining hairspray may make the roses dirty, you can clean it by brushing the flower petals smoothly. Lastly, cut the stalks and then arrange them for preserved flowers in a box.

Fertilizer for Dried Flowers

You can indeed use remedies or tools at home for preserving flowers including dried white roses. But if you want to ensure that the process really works with good results, you should buy fertilizer for dried flowers instead. It is basically the same fertilizer for planting flowers in the pot. However, there is an additional substance to make it beneficial for non-root flowers. 

Fertilizer illustration

So, the first thing to do to make preserved roses in the box using this method is by placing flowers in a container with water. Next, pour the fertilizer in the right amount based on the suggestion in the package. Wait for some hours. If it is more than a day, the result is getting better. Clean and cut the stalks of flowers before putting them in the box. Arrange the roses neatly along with other flowers. Now, the roses in the box are ready to use as a gift.

Glycerin as the Most Popular Preservation Method

Talking about preserving flowers including dried flower decor, it seems not complete without mentioning glycerin. Glycerin is known as one of the most effective substances to preserve flowers. The flowers tend to be more durable than using the others. To do it, you must pick fresh roses along with the stalks. The edges of the stalks are knocked until they are ripped off to ease the glycerin absorption.

Glycerin illustration

Next, make a solution with glycerin and water. So that the solution is mixed well, you should boil it. Cool the solution down and put it in the jar. The flowers are ready to place in it by making sure that the stalks are soaked well. The process of glycerin to absorb the flowers is quite long; it is more than a month. But the result is satisfying. Lastly, take out the flowers from the glycerin solution and arrange them in the box. You can also send bouquet of flowers by applying this idea first.

The Application of the Silica Gel

Silica gel is one of the most effective methods to preserve flowers up to around 3 weeks. Particularly, it is if you want the flowers to look fresh just like they are growing in the ground. That’s why; this method is often used for various types of flower gifts including the bridal bouquet shadow box. However, you need to prepare a lot of silica gel.

Silica gel illustration

For this method, prepare some fresh roses and probably other types of flowers. You must provide a container also as a place for the silica treatment. For the roses themselves, it depends on your wants whether you want them with stalks or not. Pour silica gel around the roses and cover the container. Wait for around two days. After that, take out the flowers and clean them before putting them in the box. Sure, this idea is recommended also for preserving funeral flowers.

“Cooking” Them in the Microwave

Yes, it is true; your microwave in the kitchen can be used to preserve roses also. The result is beautiful. The natural dried flowers that cannot be easily withered even after many weeks. Along with silica gel, put your flowers on a tray and then insert them in the microwave.

Microwave illustration

Set the temperature into the lowest one to avoid flowers being burnt during the process. Make sure to wait for the flowers since it only takes around 2 minutes. Take out the flowers and put them into another tray or container. When they have been cooled down, clean those flowers from the remaining silica gel. The preserved roses in a box are ready to arrange.


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