Best Place to Buy Preserved Flowers Singapore

There are several shops of preserved flowers Singapore you can try. Preserved flowers might be more expensive than the fresh one regarding its long process. Yet, we have listed you some shops that offer you an affordable price, and some methods you can try if you want to do flower preservation at home.

An advantage of having preserved flowers like preserved roses is that your flower will last longer. The non-toxic chemical is added to preserve it from whitening and to retain its colors.

The Advantages of Preserved Flowers

You don’t have to worry that your flowers will dry and the colors are faded when choosing dried or preserved flowers. This is the main advantage of having this kind of flower decoration. Preserved flower is also maintenance-free, which means you don’t have to water it every day, and you don’t have to put it under the sun. For those who have houses with natural light, preserved flowers are really good for decoration.

Having preserved flowers is also environmentally-friendly. Some flowers only grow in some areas and because of the short lifespan, it must be transported by air quickly in controlled conditions. Dried and preserved flowers do not need such treatment, moreover, it lasts longer. Dried blooms can last for a year, of course with care. Besides preserved and dried flowers are biodegradable and natural. For those who love their planet, having dried flowers will be a good option.

Best Place to Buy Preserved Flowers

If you are in Singapore and looking for preserved flowers Singapore. Floracent can be your choice. Their products are arranged based on the color series. Thus you can narrow down your choice by choosing the desired colors. This florist covers the dried flowers with a dome and puts some figures to create a specific theme.

Another florist is Bloomback. This shop comes with various types of dried flowers. You can try to have flowers in a mini pot which is good to put on your desk. When you have dried flowers, you don’t have to water it. Bloomback also provides you with dried flower charms that you can bring everywhere.

A Method to Try

One method you can try to have your own dried flowers is by using silica gel. It gives you a result fast because you can speed up the process of drying. But sometimes drying by using silica gel may result in fragile blooms because you may over dry them. Here you have to get preserved flowers Singapore.


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