Taking Care of Your Preserved Flower Bouquet

By having preserved flower bouquet you will make your fresh flower last far longer. Preserved flowers or preserved roses, if you live in them, become trends among florists. It adds the value of the flowers and gives a rustic touch to the decoration. Though it is preserved, the color of your flowers will stay. It depends on the method you choose. Every method will give different results. Preservation will make your fresh flowers less boring. It can also be used as a room decoration.

Preserved Flowers Methods

Preservation treatment allows your flowers to maintain their original colors and characteristics for a long time. It uses 100% biodegradable plant liquid. And in this way, you can enjoy your floral decoration without having to water it or replace it often.

Preservation is a natural process that consists of some phases. Choose the cultivated flowers and cut them when they reach the most beautiful phase. Once it is cut, put the stems into a preserving liquid. The flower will absorb the liquid through the stem until its sap is replaced completely by the liquid. It will take several days to complete the process.

Once it is completed, select the flowers you desire. Some flowers may be damaged or the petals are removed. Then, it is ready to enjoy.

How to Take Care Preserved Flower Bouquet

Though you do not have to water the dried flowers, you need to take care of it to make the color and the condition lasts far longer. Some conditions will damage your preserved flower bouquet. Thus, you need to consider several things to make it in a good condition.

The preserved flower only needs minimal care, and you can enjoy it even for years. The main advantage of having dried flowers is that you don’t have to put it under the sun. It also doesn’t need water or even fertilizer.

To maintain the beauty of the dried flowers, you have to keep them out of sunlight. Because sunlight may cause discoloration. To clean it use a hairdryer or tissue. Make sure you don’t damage the petals.

The second thing to do is never put the dried flowers in water. Remember this flower is not alive, it is a treated plant. Keep them from a humid environment. If it’s the rainy season, keep the dried flowers away from the ventilation or place where air enters. Last but not least , to take care of a preserved flower bouquet is never bend, press, or squash the stems or petals. These dried flowers are very delicate, and they can be damaged easily.

Photo by Dimitri Kuliuk from Pexels


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