3 Simple Ways for Preserve Roses

Do you want to preserve roses mainly when they come from someone special? Well, it is actually really possible. Even, you can do it yourself with some tools and materials around. As you know, roses are basically growing flowers when they are planted but they can simply die just after you pick it.

That’s why, even if roses are so beautiful and romantic, you may not be able to save them so easily. There will be some tricks to do so that your roses can be more long lasting. So, are you interested to make them? Here are some ways that you can easily do. Check them out

  • Drying the Roses

It is something common actually. Even for foods, they can simply preserve when you dry them. Well, the similar method can also be done to your roses.

Firstly, if the roses are still wet, you may remove the water by placing it between the pages of your thick book. Don’t forget to put two absorbent papers around the rose. The papers are mainly used to absorb all the water and make sure that the roses are not wet anymore.

Then, just close the book and wait it for three weeks. For the best result, you should replace the absorbent papers every week. After you think the roses are already dry, next thing to do is ironing it. You may repeat the ironing process like three or four times. Lastly, just hang them upside down for the air drying using string to tie the stems.

  • Silica Gel

Silica gel is also known as a thing you can use to make something more durable, like for bag or shoes. Interestingly, it is also another way to make preserve roses. So, what can you do?

The first step is just similar with the previous point. It is by letting your roses dry at first. You may use the absorbent paper or hanging it upside down for the air drying. After you are sure that the roses are already dry, you can start to cut the stems for about 2 inches.

Then, place it on a cup or other containers with silica gel. There must be the remaining of silica, mustn’t there? You can pour the remaining silica with circular motion gently until the container is full. You may close the container tightly. After around 3 weeks, you can open the container and then clean the roses from silica. Now, you can find your roses preserve even it is placed on the vases.

  • Vases with Water

This last way is actually the most common one. It is when you only need to put the roses on a vase with clean and fresh water. Although this way is considered making the roses more long lasting, it doesn’t work as well as the two methods mentioned above. However, you can make them live longer by cutting the stem every two or three days. Besides, don’t forget to change the water regularly before it is starting to be wilted.

So, which one of those preserve roses methods you like the most?



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