Did You Know That We Can Preserve Roses In Water Using Listerine Antiseptic?

So many tricks that we can try for preserving roses into your vase, last time I wrote how to preserve roses in water using coins and using sugar. This time I will give you another tricks for preserving roses in water using Listerine. Yes, did you know that we can preserve roses in water using Listerine Antiseptic?

Listerine Antiseptic is a brand of antiseptic mouthwash whose sales have been worldwide, so I think you will familiar with this product and can get it easily in the market. This product has a slogan “kills germs that cause bad breath”. So the theory of this product for preserving roses in water are kills the bacterial that will come up in the water after we input the roses stem into it.

How To Use It?

Fill your vase with clean water about 3 inches and add a capful of Listerine (stir it). Insert your cut rose flowers that has been cut with a sloping position using a clean cutting scissors. Remember, must use a clean cutting scissors because to minimize the bacterial.

On the fourth day usually the roses flower are beginning to open and the stems are still upright. On the seventh day, the roses stems still upright but the flowers hard to bloom well.

So, if you want to kept the roses the way it is after you buy it from the florist. I mean, if you buy it with still buds and want to kept it buds, you need to use this trick to preserve roses in water, they will only opens for just smile.

Otherwise, if you have roses that have blooms well and want to kept it like that, use this mouthwash to kept it blooms at least for one week.

It’s so easy and simple, right? Now, you know that we can preserve roses in water using mouthwash. Please have a try. I will give you more on my next articles.


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