The Effective Ways to Preserve a Rose for Long Use

Roses can be preserved with a number of techniques and items which usually can be found in your surroundings. Different with live roses which need great effort to make remain fresh, preserved roses are able to last in long time whenever they are appropriately preserved.

Whenever you cut the roses to preserve them, you need to make sure that you chose the roses in the dry day, precisely in the middle to late morning. Besides, you had better to opt for roses with the best blooms and not pick the ones which indicted to get disease.

Before you want to preserve the roses, you need to remove to get rid of the leaves from their stems. Here, the simple guides for you on how to preserve a rose flower.

First, dangle the roses in upside down position. Let them to air dry for about five to ten days. Before you dangle the roses, you had better to arrange them so that the stems stick together, and wrap the stems together with the rubber band.

Then, divide the roses into groups which are consisting three to six roses and you have to make sure that the blooms of each flower does not touch the other. Then, you can dangle the roses in upside-down position in warm, dark, and dry places. Closet and kitchen are the examples of the best places to dangle the roses.

Roses can be effectively preserved with silica gel. This item can be bought in the local craft shops. Put the silica gel into a large container with the size likes a shoe box so that the silica gel layer covers the half of rose flowers.

Put in the roses into the container and add the remaining silica gel carefully to the container so that it covers all parts of the rose stems. Let the roses to stay in the silica gel for about three to five days. Then, take out the preserved roses from the container and spray them using hair spray to give them extra seal.

Next, you need to put the roses into a food dehydrator for around eight to twenty four hours. This process will help to dry and preserve the roses. When you use the food dehydrator, you had better to put the roses in the racks inside the dehydrator.

You also need to make sure that if there are rose blooms, they will not touch each other. Another thing you need to consider is the temperature of the dehydrator. You have to set the temperature of this device into 95 up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Lastly, put some roses into the microwave and covered them with paper towel in loose way. Turn on the microwaves for about one or two minutes. You also need to remember to use a cup of water in the microwaves whenever you try to dry the roses with this technique. Preserving the roses is not as complicated as you might ever think and those are the ways on how to preserve a rose forever.

Photo credit: Gogosam


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