Meanings From One Stems Of Red Rose

One stems of rose with red color has several different meanings. rose poem  Well, are you curious about the kinds of meanings from one stems of red rose? Now you are no longer need to guess uninformed because everything will be discussed here briefly but clearly.

Meanings By The Origin

In various places or countries, one stems of red rose is also different meaning as well. So you should be very cautious if you want to use or give a red rose to someone. Make sure you understand the origin of the person and also the meaning that she or he would catch on this matter. For examples in Italy, person who pinned a red rose to the shirt on Mother’s Day signifies that he still has a mother in his life. Meanwhile, people whose mother had died wearing a white rose. Still in Italy, in the city of Rome, a person who deliberately laid a red rose in front of the house or on her door could mean that the person is not want any interference from outside. At the Cathedral Hildesheim in Germany, a rose who were even symbolizes eternity because supposedly he can live up to a thousand years.

A red rose

Meaning By The Layout

In addition to the area of origin, a red rose can also have a different meaning depending seen from where they are laying and also how the acceptance. According to ancient tradition, a red rose pinned in the hair or head signifies that the wearer is in a state that careful or vigilant. Whereas if someone wears a rose in the pocket near the area of the heart means that the wearer is in love. But if the rose is placed in the middle of the chest then the meaning is friendship and memories. In addition to where the laying, the way of acceptance also has a special meaning at these time. If the red rose accepted by using the right hand, it means the recipient accept or agree. But if the recipient receives with the left hand then it means rejection or disapproval. Those procedure above is an understanding that has existed since time immemorial of Victorian era so maybe not many people are aware of the tradition at current time.

Another Meaning Of Red Roses Stems

In addition to the above sense, one stems of red rose has also a sense of deep love. If you get a red rose from a person, it means that the person wants to declare that you are his true love and there is only you in his heart. Moreover, if someone gives a rose every month to you, it symbolizes that the giver would like to praise your beauty that never fades. However, the red rose is not always means love between couples. A red rose can also be interpreted as a symbol of a very deep gratitude of a person to another person.


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