Meaning Of Roses Tattoos

Roses is not only a beautiful flower as a symbol of affection given to the spouse if was in the form of cut flowers or hand bouquet. But since the 1930s, roses are also actually has become a very popular choice for both men and women to be tattooed. But what is the meaning of roses tattoos attached to the body of a man or a woman, is there are same meaning which is about the beauty, romance or that represent love? Is people who have rose tattoos mean that they have an inner and outer beauty?

When you are looking for the meaning of roses tattoos through search engines on the internet, a lot of keywords that describe the meaning of rose tattoo symbols such as love, trust, honor, heart, purity, beauty, spirituality, revival, sensuality, creativity, win, passion, balance, expansion,  romance, memories, secrets and loyalty. But is it true?

Yes, those keywords are a symbol depicting roses, even when used as a tattoo can mean someone is wanted to express that he/she has sense from one of those keywords. However it must be noted also that some people think the meaning it’s true with those keywords, but only when the rose tattoos symbols are used without their thorns.

roses tattoos

Any keywords that best represent the roses tattoo symbol is love, but if drawn with thorns was actually may also mean that love does not come without sacrifice. But despite the thorns has meaning as well, some people say that when someone has a rose tattoo with their thorns, it means someone is not stressed about their outer beauty or could be have another meaning which is their beauty may be seen but should not be touched.

Meaning of roses tattoos will be different on each one’s profession, such as when a sailor makes this tattoo to their bodies can be interpreted as an honor. Live in the ocean was rough and only for the brave person only, with them making rose tattoo, they want to show that someone who is rude too (a brave person) also has a feminine nature in their personality that usually it is to represent for their girlfriend, wife, even their mother as a bearer of peace to themselves.

Color of rose tattoo have also different meanings, you can read the meaning of each color of roses in my previous post titled Types of Roses Based on Color and Meaning. Well how, now you are know the meaning of roses tattoos, are you sure to decide to make a rose tattoo on your body? You have to convince yourself if it is a matter of tattoos, because tattoos are not images that can be easily removed if you’re bored. Tattooing is an image that uses a special ink with a needle as a tool for drawing so that the ink does not just stick on the surface of the skin, but it’s getting into the skin layer. So the tattoo is a permanent image that sticks in your body, to remove it if you’re bored, they are any required special treatment which is costly.


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