Meaning Behind The Series Of Roses

Whenever we want to express love or affection to whom we loved, maybe a bunch of beautiful series of roses is the most appropriate selection. Very well known as a symbol of love and romance, roses never fails to be a powerful weapon to melt a woman heart. But there are things we should learn before giving a bouquet of roses to the loved ones. First of all is tips on choosing a rose color, with color is suitable for the right person. The second one is the number of stems, because the number of roses given have a different meaning too.

Meaning of Colors in Roses

The most important thing in determining the series of roses to be given is the theme color. If you want to express love surged to your potential mates, you can bet the red roses is the suitable color you should choose. Red roses are bright and bold symbolizes the great love and passionate. But if you would like to present a series of roses to your true partner, then the type of rose that is suitable for use is the white roses. White roses is a symbol of harmony and true love, so this flower will be very suitable to illustrates the mature and calm relationship. For both cases above, a suitable form of bouquets may vary. However, the most preferably shape of the circuit is a wreath heart-shaped bouquet.

heart shaped bouquet of rose

In addition to white and red roses, there are still many other color of roses are also suitable for bouquets. If you want to give flower arrangements to your friend, the rose-colored like yellow, purple, pink or green could be the right choice. Roses with bright colors can describe the joy, compassion and respect. In addition to friends, you can also give a series of roses like those to relatives and parents.

To express grief or deep loss, black roses usually an option. The dark and gloomy color can expressing grief for the loved one who passed away. However, the real black roses are rare, so many people then replace it with white roses which can also mean as a symbol of tribute to those who had died.

Meaning Number Of Flower Arrangement

Irrespective of color, there are other things that also have important significance in assembling a bouquet of roses, that is the number of stems. According to widely circulated data, there are some numbers that have special meanings vary in the range of roses. As an example, one stems of red rose could be interpreted as a symbol of true love for only one person. The more unique is the number of 13 which symbolizes that the flower arrangement is from a secret admirer. There is also a bouquet of roses with 24 stems means the sender is always thinking of their idol twenty-four hours a day. If you want to create the impression for more stronger and serious, you may have to send a series of larger roses. You can send a bouquet of roses such as one hundred stalks to reveal that you will love till elderly. If you still consider a bouquet of 100 roses are still lacking, a bouquet of roses amounted to 1001 or 999 may be more appropriate. Wreaths this much has the meaning that the love you give to your partner is the eternal love.


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