Meaning And Benefits Of White Roses

White roses actually have a meaning that is not less profound when compared with red roses. Indeed, in this modern era, red rose is considered to be a flower that symbolizes the true love. But do you know what? Since immemorial time, the actual meaning of true love at the first is symbolized by the white rose? So how exactly the history of white roses and the meaning of what is already inherent in this type of roses? This time we will discuss all about white roses explicitly in this article. Hopefully, the information here can provide insights into the meaning and benefits of white roses.

White Roses And The Traditional Wedding

White roses in antiquity is closely associated with the wedding. As we know, the wedding usually was carrying white as the main color theme of the party which is sacred ceremony. The white color itself is known as a symbol of purity and sincerity. Those two things is how it should form an important basis in a wedding ceremony. Marriage is not just merely about a passionate love but rather the affection, sincerity, commitment and harmony. That is why people in the past that upholds the marriage relationship prefer to use white roses as the right flower to symbolize marriage. Although this tradition is considered an ancient, and current era the various colors of roses is very much, but still many people believe that the white roses is the flower that best describes the sanctity of marriage.

benefits of white roses

Sentimental White Roses

As we learned above, a white rose was long regarded as a wedding flower that’s why white roses ¬†are said to be sentimental, exceeding the very popular red roses. How did it happen? Actually, the basic philosophy is not much related to the meaning of white color that are very universal and too deep. The white color symbolizes purity and sincerity besides also a picture of something pure. That’s why white roses can mean so sentimental. For the example, if red roses can be interpreted as a sense of love in bloom and raging, white roses have another case. White rose symbolizes love but a love that carried the full commitment of true love, sincere, and also full understanding. As the meaning of the color white, white roses as well as pledges of pure love between two people, without reservation and betrayal.

Another Meaning Of The White Roses

In addition to the meanings stated earlier, the white roses may also mean affection between friends and also as a form of respect. Some people think that the white color is more smooth than the red color that can also be interpreted the aura of love that brought has a lower level than the red roses . If the red roses symbolize love for the couple, then the white rose symbolizes love to friends, relatives or family. On the other hand, the white rose is also very commonly used as a sign of their last respects to the deceased loved one, family, relatives, heroes, teachers, and others who are respected. If you are careful, you’ll often find a bouquet of white roses accompany the man’s funeral. This is because white is a symbol of sincere tribute to someone.


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