Know More About Red Roses

Roses are often associated with beauty, especially the red roses. Roses are plants that have a variety of flowers with beautiful colors, but the stems are also adorned with many thorns. It is very appropriate to symbolizes the beauty of women. Coupled with red bright color that is very interesting, no wonder if the red roses are usually referred to the nickname of sexy red for long stemmed roses. These types of long stemmed roses are the most popular and a lot of fans. Because of that, on this occasion we will discuss all things concerned with red roses.

Type of Red Roses

Actually red color of roses itself has various kinds of colors. The first is known as the sexy red rose or the long stemmed red rose is a rose that has lit a bright of red color blood. The color red in roses is influenced by the type of betalain pigment, not normally found in plants that already contains the anthocyanin pigment. In a bright red rose blood, levels of this pigment is in the middle of the normal point, so that the red color produced can be like that. These types of red roses widely used as a gift or gifts to a spouse or girlfriend.

Red roses

Besides the red roses with bright color lights up, there are also roses with a darker color. Usually this kind of rose has a deep red color at a given time may resemble blackish color. In fact, the black color on the rose flower that has been found is a very dark red color to resemble black or maroon. These types of red roses have a high level of pigmentation so that the color produced is also very dark. Usually this types of roses with red hearts or crimson used to decorate the room or even used by florets to decorated hotel beds were specially reserved for newly married couples.

If there is a bright red roses and dark colored, there are also young red roses. Usually the types of roses like this could faintly orange or pink depending on pigmentation that affect it. Compared to these two types of bright red roses blood and maroon (darker red), pink roses is softer and has a meaning that is more sensitive than the bright red roses and red roses which are very dark.

If you are already familiar with some kind of red roses which are described above, now you also have to know the red roses which have color combination. Normally the roses which have color combination are called strip rose flower. Strip rose has several color combinations are often encountered, the first is red – orange combination rose, the second one is red – yellow combination rose, and the last one is red – white combination rose. Actually, the basic motif of these rose are polka dots, but as the growth and development of flower polka dot print becomes wide and elongated strip motif.

Well, now we already know the general description all kinds of red roses in the world. You can choose what kind of red roses plant you like the most. In online and offline stores are already widely available roses seeds with variety of red color which can be obtained at any time and with a wide variety of pricing options of course. That way you can easily grow your own favorite red roses at home.


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