Is It Possible To Preserve Roses In A Jar For Years?

Is it possible to preserve roses in a jar for years? Sure, you can do that with yourself. Making preserved roses in a jar are suitable for whom who want to create a wedding memorial and place flowers in a jar so your guest could memorize your wedding because the souvenir you give are last for years.

Or you just want to have one for yourself? That’s fine also. But, usually making preserved roses in a jar are perfect for you to save roses bouquet from the one you love to kept it for years. Many people usually women will so happy if the one she love give them a gift using roses flowers. Because roses flower are fresh flower that can not last for years if we just keep it on the vase water. So you may want it to save with preservation method.

So How To Make It Possible?

The very simple ways to make it possible without making the rose color faded are using the silica gel. Take your roses flower that you want to preserve, then take one air tight container. Put the roses flowers into that container and fill with silica gel. Make sure you put only the roses flower without the stem and make sure also the roses covered fully into silica gel.

After that, you just need to wait for about ten to fifteen days to dry flowers completely. When your roses has completely dried, please use gloves or spoon to take the roses from the container. You may need also to clean it from the silica gel using brush. Silica gel helps to keep moisture and rust away to mantain freshness of your roses flowers.

After that, take your jar and put the preserved roses that you have do it yourself. It will nicely if you add any dried leaves besides only roses flowers to make your jar looks more pretty. Keep in mind that your art soul are needed here. Because it will kept for years, so you need to be creative to make the preserved flowers are pretty looking goon in a jar.

How if you don’t have the silica gel? Don’t worry, because they are many ways to make your roses last for years. You can done by hanging them upside down, the fact this is the easiest way to dried out your roses flower. However this method will need a long time, the roses will dried about one month.

Another ways you can try on how to preserve roses for years are using gold dipping the flowers or freezing the roses that you can read the complete tips from my previous article: How To Preserve Roses Forever. However if you are a kind person that just love to kept the roses flower on the vase with water. You can add the life of your flowers in the vase by simple tricks such as change the water in the vase every day. Read my previous article about this here: What Preserve Roses in a Vase?


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