Interesting Facts About Red Roses

Did you know that red roses have a lot of various kind in the world, but did you know that long stemmed roses from Holland was the most widely sold in Indonesia and maybe in the world. And did you know that this long stemmed roses especially red color is the most demanding buyer. We called the long stemmed red roses with a name of sexy red, so why this sexy red of roses is the most hunted?

It is undeniable that red roses are the most beautiful rose color compared with other colors such as white roses, pink roses, yellow roses, orange roses and others. Also the red rose has been basically recognized means or symbolizes of the affection and love. Cut flowers especially red roses is very well suited as an expression of one’s love towards their partner, while red roses when given by a person to the spouse can mean as an expression of love, romance, beauty, respect or praise symbolizes the people he loves.

Red roses
Red roses

Other facts about red roses in particular types of long stemmed is able to survive at least for one week when stored into a vase filled with water, it is different to the type of not long stemmed rose which only lasted for at least 3 days in a vase.

Due to the red rose is a rose color types that are most preferred, then its existence is more difficult to obtain and may be more expensive than other colors if it has entered into a flower shop. But the fact is most astonishing about red roses among the peasant producers of roses. Red roses though most demanding, but farmers always produce less than other colors such as white. Why is that?

This is not because farmers do not like the beautiful color of red roses, but is related to the economic of the farmers. Long stemmed of red roses is a type of rose which is the most difficult to maintain than other colors so that the production of red roses is relatively less than the other colors, the harvest can be compared to 1: 3 with other colors such as white. So this is the reason of our farmers why they are doesn’t really like to grow this color, less production means less income.

Continue to the next fact about red roses is that these roses can be made into the human food consumption as tea roses and rose jam.

This red roses can also be used as a perfume, flowers sow and a variety of other benefits that are useful for human life such as health. For the examples this red rose can also be used as a cure bad breath whose function are very simple by entering the red rose petals into a bowl of water that soaked overnight. You can read more detail of roses for human health and other benefits in the previous post titled Roses – Brings Benefits To Beauty and Health.

That was about the interesting facts about red roses, thank you for reading and hopefully useful!


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