How To Preserving Roses In A Shadow Box

Hello friends, in this article I’m going to show you how you can preserving roses in a shadow box by do it yourself (DIY). With this tricks, you can save your precious roses for a long time or it can be forever if you can safe it well.

Not only roses flower, you can do well with another flowers but because this site is about preserved roses, so I give you the example from roses flower. With this preserving technique, you won’t have to throw your precious flower anymore.

So, what do you need before you create this project? You need to prepared a scissors, hot glue gun, a shadow box and of course the roses flower.

Important Steps

The important steps on how to preserving roses in a shadow box is you must making your roses dry well. I have written many tips on how to make dry roses, but you can start with how to drying roses in 3 easy and simple ways.

Once you have your drying roses, to preserve so just start off by separating your flowers. Please stay aware that you must make sure that your roses are dry before you do this. Because if your roses doesn’t dry well or if they’re just fresh, definitely they’re going to cause the inside of the shadow box to moisten up and it’s going to look a little foggy.

If you have sure the roses is dry well, then the next step is take your shadow box and start measuring your rose flowers according to the length of the box. In case you are not sure what is a shadow box? It’s very similar to a picture frame except that it’s a lot more deeper.

Then, after you imagine how will you arrange it in your shadow box, just start placing them in the arrangement that you like. Place your box on top so you can review again how it will be looks. If you are happy with how everything looks, do not yet close the box because we need to glue it in place.

To place the dry roses well, you need to glue with hot glue gun because it’s a lot faster, it dries really fast and it just secures them in place. Do this with every dry roses you have or you want to place with your imagination (use your creativity).

Because you are using hot glue gun, so you doesn’t need to wait for them to dry. You can also cut up the stems and use them on the sides all for the sides and it will make like a nice little border. Or just do what you like, remember “creativity”.

To make the looks more rich, you may added some dry leaves. Then the final steps it’s time to close the box, so the way that you are going to close the box is by placing the cardboard side where you lead your roses into the box rather than the frame site onto the cardboard site if that makes any sense.

Then, voila! You’re done with the DIY project on how to preserving roses in a shadow box. You can place it everywhere you like in you house or room. So, don’t throw away your precious flowers!

Watch this video for more detail:


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