How To Preserving Rose Petals For A Wedding?

Wedding is a ceremony where man and women are going together in marriage. This ceremony expected by many couples only for the first and the last. But in fact, many marriage end with divorce. However, many couples hoping that their marriage last until deaths separates them.

Wedding are filled with joy, happiness and once in a lifetime (hope so). The ceremony always held with sacred and to support it, many couples planning on their best wedding decoration. Because their hope this ceremony is once in a lifetime, many couples create a luxurious decoration. Flowers is one of the items that can make wedding decoration looks beautiful and elegant.

Of course one of the most suitable flowers to make this are roses. Not only bouquet of roses, but their petals are best to create for wedding decoration. Sometimes you cannot get rose petals on time with the wedding date, so you must prepare it before the day came up. For that, you might want to know how to preserving rose petals for a wedding, so you can decorate your wedding on time with fresh rose petals.

What Do You Need?

  • Very fresh roses.
  • Ziploc bags.
  • Paper towels.
  • Refrigerator

How To Preserving Rose Petals For A Wedding?

You just need to follow this simple steps beause it’s easy to preserving rose petals. Firstly you need to remove the petals. How do we do to remove it? You can remove it safely one by one with your fingers or squeeze around the base to help loosen them. You don’t want your petals broken, right? So do be careful with this step. The petals will easy to remove when the roses is very fresh.

Take your ziploc bag and put one paper towel in the bottom, then fill it with your rose petals. But don’t fill it till full of petals on the ziploc bag. The petals need some air in the bag, so you need to fill the bag about three quarters. Your petals will be rot if you fill the bag too full.

Now go to your refrigerator, input your ziploc bag, but don’t forget to close up the ziploc bag first. You need to rotate the bags every couple of days and shake it turn petals. The concept is don’t let your petals sticking together to make it preserve well. After you pick up and shake it, don’t forget to put it back in the refrigerator.

How Long The Rose Petals Will Remain Fresh?

At least your rose petals will remain fresh with this kind of tips for three days but sometimes up to a week. But, to make sure how long your rose petals remain fresh. You need to do some test run long before your wedding. So when your wedding arrives shortly, you know when you must preserve your rose petals.

So this is the tips of how to preserving rose petals for a wedding. In the end, I pray for your marriage will last forever.


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