Simply Guides How to Preserve Roses

Valentine day becomes the biggest day of the year for the flower industry, especially rose. Rose becomes the popular gift option that take over than half of floral sales in every February, 14. If your relatives or mates bring you the rose’s bouquet, you may wonder how to preserve roses. But, you do not have to worry, because there some simple guides that help you to preserve your precious rose.

Simple guides to preserve roses:
  1. Hang the roses in upside down position before the petals getting fall. Let the roses dry and use them as the dried arrangement or you can keep for certain reasons.
  2. Remove the rose petals before drying process to make the potpourri. You can lay the petals in the one layer on the paper or if possible, you can use the drying screen.
  3. Use the silica gel to preserve your roses, if the shape and color are the most important for your need. you can deep on silica that you can buy in some craft shops. You should note that silica will removing your roses scent.
  4. Freeze to dry your roses. The professionals will take your flower and remove the humidity from the roses using the cold vacuum chamber. This thing will leave your roses beauty and the scent will still exist as well. But, it would be so expensive.
  5. The wilted roses also able to bring in their life by sticking the ends of stems into the boiling water around 30 seconds. Then, you can cut off the stems and place your roses into cold water.
  6. You can soak your roses using glycerin in order to keep them still fragrant and supple as well. You can buy glycerin in pharmacies or craft shops.
How to dry the roses?

For your alternative, you can use the color combination to help you choose which one you want to dry. There are some rose’s varieties that able to keep the color when dried. From the red classic roses to vibrant the purple. You can choose based on your taste.

If you want to dry your roses naturally, you can use the heavy book and the absorbent paper. Protect your book page with absorbent paper in both of rose’s sides as the petals pigments and stem that may stain them. You can place your roses every 1/8 inches between the page books.

Then, you can close the book and weight it down with some books or the other heavy stuffs. Let the roses dried around 1 week before checking them. You can replace the absorbent paper in every week and let the roses dried around 3 weeks or more. Make sure that your rose is dried before pressing them. You cannot place them in the book directly. You should shake them to clear the excess water.

The other option, you can use the iron without any water. Placed your roses between the absorbent papers then heat the iron in lower setting. Then, you can flatten the rose with a book and press the iron in the top sheet around 12 seconds.


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