How To Preserve Roses With Wax Paper At Home

There are so many ways we can do to make preserved roses at home. You can make it by hairspray, silica gel, just hanging upside down, etc. But on this article I will explain step by step how to preserve roses with wax paper at home. Exactly, wax paper can be use to preserve the roses or any other flowers.

What Is Wax Paper

Before I explain you how it’s work, firstly we need to know about wax paper. Wax paper is Paper that has been made waterproof through wax applications. Wax paper also called paraffin paper or waxed paper. Besides waterproof, this paper is resistant to oil and have a good heat adhesiveness.

Wax paper is commonly used to pack food, soap, tobacco and others. Where you can buy this paper? Of course it’s easy, you can buy it online through online shopping just type “buy wax paper” on your favorite search engine.

Okay now you understand what is wax paper, so now we’re going to know how to preserve roses with was paper at home step by step.

Choose The Perfect Blooms

As you know, cutting flowers are fresh flower that will dry, withered or turn into brown color (rotten) if you keep on a vase. If you’ve ever kept a vase of roses that are still buds, the flower will hard to blooms or withered before they blooms. Roses that not yet bloom like this doesn’t good for preserving.

Same thing with rose flower that too bloom, the flower will vulnerable to fall out and the shape will not too pretty. So you need to choose the rose flower between half bloom and too bloom (in the middle of it).

Another important things if you have your own rose plant, you may easily to get the flower for preserve it. However you must pick them while they are dry, or don’t pick them after a rain or still covered with dew. For adding it’s beauty, you may also pick them with their stems and a few thin leaves. But not with their thorns.

Press Roses With Wax Paper

The basic of creating preserved roses is to drying the roses itself. One of many ways is pressing with weight. This wax paper is another means of pressing roses with weight or you can say it substitute for newsprint or tissue paper. You can simply put your roses on a sheet of wax paper with your lovely arrangements. Then cover it with another wax paper atop it. Overlap with a heavy book, you can add another thick book atop it to get more pressing on it. After two weeks or so, get your rose flower and save it on your scrapbook or any other crafting project.

Iron Your Wax Paper

Using iron and wax paper to preserve roses is the fast way that you can do it at your lovely home. Just set it up two large sheets of wax paper, scissors, a couple paper towels, iron and of course the roses.

Be creative with your arrangement to snip the roses on a single layer of wax paper. Then cover it with the same size of wax paper atop it. Use paper towel atop it then press with your iron with warm level. Make sure you are ironing on cutting board for the best result.

That’s it. After that, you just wait for the wax paper to be cool and your preserved roses are done. If you doesn’t like rose flower. Don’t worry, another flowers are good to preserve with this ways. Just looking around and find some flowers.


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