How to Preserve Roses with Hairspray and Silica Gel

How to Preserve Roses with Hairspray – there is probably no flower which is as romantic as rose. This saying is surely not exaggerating at all. In fact, your romantic boyfriend must give you a bouquet of roses if he wants to show you how much love that he has.

Unfortunately, roses can also be easily wilted if you don’t do something in order to make them to be preserved roses. But you should not worry, there are some ways you can do to make them more long lasting.

One of them is by using hairspray. As you know, hairspray is contained substances that can make your hair stiff and look more preserved. So, how is it? Check out these following instructions.

The Materials and Tools

Of course, the main material for this idea is the roses themselves. You should be careful in choosing the roses anyway. It is better if the roses which are not blooming well yet. It should not be the buds but also not them which are already blossoming completely.

Besides, make sure that they are still fresh, healthy, and not having any visible damage. Cut the stems until all of them are in the same length. This makes the final results look neater and better-looking.

Meanwhile, you also have to prepare some other tools like scissors, box or container with lid, paper towel, rubber gloves, silica gel, and sure the hairspray. For the best results, those all the materials and tools must be in the best conditions as well.

How to Preserve the Roses

First of all, you have to dry the roses. It is like by air-drying them by hanging the roses using your cloth pins. It is mainly to make the water which is still absorbed inside to be disappeared. Then, you can store the roses inside the container or box which is full of silica gel.

For the better result, you can fill in the container or box with silica gel, put the roses in it, and then pour the silica gel once more until the roses are buried properly. You can keep the container in the dry place at least for a week.

If there is the refrigerator, you can then take advantage of it. For the refrigerator treatment, you can add the temperature level every day until a week is up. Actually, the preserving process of roses using refrigerator is enough to make the roses longer lasting.

However, the use of hairspray can give one more plus point so that your roses can be more durable even forever. So, what is the function of the hairspray here? It is basically to make the roses are thicker and having more refreshing look after freeze drying in the refrigerator.

Besides, the hairspray is also functioned to reabsorbing the moisture of air despite its ability to make the roses more durable as well. While spraying, you should wear the rubber gloves and then hold the roses well. Cover the surrounding of roses with paper towels during the spraying. Then, let them dry for some minutes. This is how to preserve roses with hairspray anyway.


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