How To Preserve Roses With Bleach

When we type the word of “bleach” on search engine like Google, there are ambiguousness with this word. One is about popular anime named after bleach from Japanese, and the second one is about household chemicals which has a function to whiten clothes, remove stains  and also as a disinfectants. What we are going to discuss here is surely the second one of “bleach”.

Did you know that we can preserving roses cut flowers using bleach? Yes, we can preserve it so your roses can live longer in your vase. You may found some people said that using bleach can make the roses flower droop and fade, but in fact, it is just the opposite. Use of bleach is one of the secrets to kept your roses live longer in your vase. So, how to preserve roses with bleach?

Remember, you need to do this guide step by step that I will explain carefully.

Step 1, Make It Clean

Before you keep your roses into the vase, you need to wash your vase with warm water and soapy, then rinse well your vase. Because the key to preserve roses in the water is how we can inhibits the growth of bacteria. So, we need to make things clean and of course washing your vase is one of the key factor to make it happens.

Step 2, Recut Stems

When you get the roses flower from your local florist or someone special gave it to you from the florist. Usually come in a container of their own, before you move it into your vase, you need to recut the tip of the stems. This is the most important thing when you want to kept your roses into the vase.

Whatever the way that you choose for preserving roses in the water, recut the stems is a mandatory. Cut using a sharp scissors or knife and remember it’s clean also. Cut the stems with sloping position to better intake the water.

Step 3, Add bleach to water

You need to add the bleach with a right composition. If you add to much, your roses will just going to droop and fade or the stems going completly white. But, if you add too little, the bleach function will going for nothing.  The size of your vase and how much water that can filled with is primarily of how much you must add the bleach.

Popular recipes suggest you to add one quarter teaspoon of bleach per quart of water, second popular recipes suggest you to add three drops of bleach mix with one teaspoon of sugar per quart water. So when your vase only can filled with half a liter of water, you need to add bleach 1/8 teaspoon. But, if you doubt or doesn’t know exatcly how much water that you can fill into your vase. Just make it simple, prepare one liter of water using dose of water so you can easily make the bleach composition fit. Then, just pour it into your vase and see how much your vase could hold the water.

When there is a leftover of the water and bleach composition, you can kept it for tomorrow to change the water in vase. Using bleach to the water will keep it from getting cloudy and inhibit the growth of bacteria.

Step 4, Make Sure

To make it success with how to preserve roses with bleach, you need also to make sure there are no any leaves or buds that will be below the water line. So you need to trim away if there are any leaves or buds that below the water line, otherwise they will rot within the water and of course it’s just creating bacteria with faster.


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