How To Preserve Roses In Water Using Soda

This is another tricks on how to preserve roses in water of your vase, quite simple and you can find the product easily because their sales of product have been worldwide. Yes, did you know that we can preserve roses in water using soda? You can use product of soft drink that is 7 Up or Sprite.

Why we need to use 7 Up or Sprite? Because their color is clear so especially when you have a clear vase, your water will looks clear also. What is the theory of using this soda to make rose preservation in the vase?

When the roses still on their plants, they need food to live and as general the food is of course the water, but also they need some sugar. The ingredients of these soda one of them is water, sugar and another ingredients which may be a key factor to make cutting flowers live longer in the vase.

So, when you always buy this soda and meanwhile you have a bouquet of roses, just don’t throw or don’t drink the soda until it runs out to preserve roses in water of your vase. Your roses will remain bright, because they get water  and the food which are combinated with the soda.

In general rose cut flowers will die because when they cut from their plants or separated from their root, they are no longer make food for themselves. But they are always many ways to make it live longer which is to create some condition that they can get some foods, and this is can done by using sugar which is present in this both of soda products. However, you must combinated the water and soda with correct proportion.

So, how to preserve roses in water using soda?  

Firstly, don’t forget to cut the stem of your roses with slopping position when you get them to creating a blockage in the plant’s uptake system and to prevents air from being sucked into the stem. Then take your clean vase, fill with water up to 2 inches and pour about one-quarter cup of soda.

To make this formula works better, you need to add a little bleach because it can kills the bacteria and without damaging your roses cut flowers. Also, for more and more better, you need to cut again the stems within 3 days with slopping position and change the water with those formula.

Okay now you know how to preserve roses in water using soda, so don’t throw away your last drops of soda because they can make your roses live last longer in your vase.


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