Simple and Easy Ways How to Preserve Roses Forever

How to preserve roses forever? Roses are basically kinds of flowers which are only lived well when they are planted on the soil. Therefore, it is nearly impossible to make them still freshly live when they are already picked out.

However, this should not be a big deal anymore. It is due to some ideas that make the preserved roses are possible to be had. Even, some of the ways are enable us to let the roses love forever. Of course, they need some efforts. But if you are interested to have such kinds of roses, you may follow some ideas below. Just check them out.

Gold Dipping the Flowers

This idea is the most possible way to preserve the roses forever but also the most expensive ways. Why? It is because we also need gold for this. Yes, the materials needed despite the roses are gold and Electrophoretic Lacquer spray.

Meanwhile, you also need some tools like rubber gloves, apron, and goggles to protect yourself. The roses should be cleaned at first and the stems should be cut so that they are in the same length. Then, after you are sure that they are clean and not moisture or wet, you can start spray them using the Electrophoretic Lacquer.

Meanwhile, you can start to melt the gold which is already placed on the gold plating kit. Gold along with the kit should be placed inside something with high temperature like oven and microwave. The roses which are already sprayed with the Electrophoretic Lacquer can be started to dip.

The roses can be positioned upside down and then sunk into the melted gold. Make sure that all parts are sunk properly anyway. The longer process of drowning, you can find that the gold will cover it thicker. After you think it is enough, you may lift the roses and then let them dry. With this idea of preserving roses, you can just find that your roses are not only everlasting but also expensive.

Freezing the Roses

The second idea is by freezing the roses. Indeed, the results are probably not as satisfying as the dipping one. However, you can still make your roses last longer this way.

First of all, you may provide all the things needed including the roses, silica gel, a container, and of course the refrigerator. All you need to do is burying the roses which are placed inside the container with silica gel.

For the better result, you have to pour the silica gel at first on the bottom of the container. In short, the roses must be covered by silica gel all around. Then, the container must be closed tightly so that the air outside cannot be flown inside.

After the roses are kept properly, put them along with the container in the refrigerator after several weeks. You may increase the temperature day by day before the container is taken out. You can take out the roses from the container and then they can be put on the vases or jars. Those are then how to preserve roses forever.



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