How to Preserve Roses? 5 Simple Methods with Stunning Results

How to preserve roses? Roses are beautiful but unfortunately, they can easily wither only in a few days. It is reasonable for sure. As living creatures, if you want them to be long-last, they should not be pulled out from the ground. On the other hand, roses and other flowers are stunning for decorations also. Therefore, you have no choice. You must pick them for those necessities. But you should not worry actually. There are some methods of preserved fresh flower you can apply. Those methods are quite easy in which you only need to prepare some ingredients. So, what are they?

Rose Preservation Using Glycerin

This method is one of the most popular methods to preserve flowers. Particularly, it is if you want the flowers to keep looking fresh in many months just like when they are on the ground. However, preserving flowers using glycerin has a lack also. It is that the process is much longer than other methods. 

For preserved rose petals along with the stalks, there are some steps to do. First, pick some roses in the morning with their stalks. You must not cut them too short. For more effective results, the stalks must be more than 15 cm. Next, hit the edge of the stalks slowly using a hammer or other tools. This way, the stalks are opened to enable glycerin access flowers.

Make a glycerin solution with a comparison of 2:1 between the water and the substance. Boil the solution until both are mixed well. Cool down the solution and soak the flowers’ talks in it. Wait for the absorption process for around 6 months before the roses are displayed or used for the preserved flower Melbourne. For a maximum result, hang the flowers with upside-down positions before they are used as decorations.

Pressing Roses Using Book

It is one of the most classic methods for flower preservations. Indeed, it works more effectively for thin and slim flowers. If you want to preserve roses with it, you should remove some petals so that they can be pressed more easily. Additionally, this simple way is suitable for a preserved flower box. 

How to do it? After picking roses with some petals being removed, prepare a thick book. Put roses between the book sheets. In a book, you can place around 5-6 roses depending on the book’s thickness. On one sheet, make sure to place more than one flower since it will make the results less beautiful. Bring the book back on the shelf and wait for around 10 days. After 10 days, take out the flowers. They are dried and flattened. Those roses are ready for various handicrafts and decorations.

Bleacher Application for Rose Preservation

Do you want roses that last a year in a box? So, this method is worth trying. It is by using a bleacher you may provide at home. Yes, bleachers have substances that work very similarly to glycerin which causes flowers to be more durable. Besides, you should not worry that it will change the flower’s colors or textures.

How to preserve roses with the bleacher? Pick roses with their stalks. Picking them in the morning is better since the roses must be in fresher conditions. Then, similar to applying glycerin, open the stalks a little bit by knocking the edge areas using a hammer or other tools. Next, prepare a glass of bleacher solution. With the same comparison; it is 2:1, pour the bleacher into a glass of water and stir them thoroughly.

Put roses in the glass of solution, it is possible also if you want to make the black preserved rose. It is possible also to directly put the solution and roses in the vase. Then, you can display them. In case the roses must be placed in a box, wait for around a month first before packaging them.

Aspirin Powder and Salicylic Acid

As the first aid for the headache, you must always provide aspirin at home. Well, do you know that this type of drug is effective also for flower preservation? Indeed, the flowers that have been treated with it will still not long-last up to many months. But sure, if they can survive only in some weeks, it is still a good thing also. This method even has been applied in many florists including preserved flowers Sydney.

Applying this method is very easy. Prepare aspirin powder and salicylic acid. Both can be found in drugstores. Aspirin powder can be made by you by pulverizing around 2 aspirin tablets. Meanwhile, for salicylic acid, you need only around half a teaspoon. Next, prepare some stalks of roses and a vase with water. Pour the aspirin powder and salicylic acid in it. Simply, your roses can be more durable. So, how do you preserve roses? Well, this method works well and is very effective.

Drying Roses Using Microwave

Some methods may let roses look fresh. Glycerin and aspirin powder methods are some of them. But some flowers still look good and even more artistic when they are dry including roses. If you want dried roses as decorations, the microwave method is the next method to apply. The use of microwave for dried flowers is quite famous as it is used by many professional florists including preserved flowers UK.

To do it, prepare a tray that can be loaded well in the microwave and pour silica gel on it. Next, pick some roses whether they are with stalks or not. But roses without stalks are more effective to dry with this method. It is because you can dry many flowers at once only on one tray. Turn on the microwave and set it up to the low temperature. Bake it only in two minutes.

Just like preserved roses UK, pull out the tray with flowers. Prepare another tray or a bowl to place the roses. Cool them down and clean those flowers from remains of silica gel. Since silica gel may be quite difficult to remove, you should brush the flowers gently so that the petals are not broken. The roses are ready to use for decorations. So, how to preserve roses more quickly? a microwave is the answer.


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