6 Ways on How to Preserve Rose Petals

Many people often ask how to preserve rose petals. Rose petals are great for many purposes including for craft. Using preserved roses and its petal for accessories are also common these days. For those who have no idea how to preserve rose petals, you will find out 6 ways on how to preserve rose petals here in this article. It will give you several great ideas when you want to preserve rose petals.

Press Rose Petals Between Books

This is probably one of the most old-fashioned methods of rose petals preservation. All you need to do is finding a thick and heavy book with numerous pages. Open the book exactly in the middle and lay down absorbent paper on it.

Arrange the rose petals and then close the book. Press the book with another thick book or other heavy objects such as brick, for example. Leave the flower petals in there for at least 3 weeks.

Oven the Rose Petals

This method is one of the easiest methods we have today. Using modern appliances such as oven is indeed making rose petal preservation quick and simple. However, using this method can cause some discoloration of the rose petals. That is why you need to strictly watching the temperature of the oven and also the timing so that you get red color on the petals instead of brown rose petals.

Iron the Rose Petals

Using iron is effective to dry out the flowers and help the preservation process. The plus side of this method is the time saving. This method is really quick to do. However, the minus side of this method is that the heat from the iron can flattens the petals significantly and eventually cause some shape distortion and some discolorations. To avoid this risk, make sure the temperature of the iron is watched well.

Using Silica Gel

Silica gel is a chemical substance you often find in shoe box or packaging. Silica gel is used to absorb the moisture out of something. The point of rose petals preservation is to dry out the moisture out of the petals. Thus, this method is perfect. Silica gel can be purchased freely in art and craft shop. The price is a little bit expensive but the usage is great.

Air Drying the Petals

The method of air drying is great for a whole rose since it is done by hanging the rose upside down in a cool and dark place. However, you can also apply this method to preserve rose petals. You can place the rose petals on a tray and then place the tray in cool and dark place. Leave it for several weeks there.

Using Borax and Sand

Borax can be used to preserve the rose petals. If you are afraid that borax is poisonous or dangerous for you, get rid of the thought because borax is non-hazardous so that it is safe for your safety. The trick here is to mix borax and sand then burry the rose petals inside the mixture. It is one of the easiest methods on how to preserve rose petals.


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