How To Preserve Fresh Flowers: Some Methods You Can Try

If you love to collect dried flowers and want to try to make your own, we have listed for you how to preserve fresh flowers. Creating a dried flower will help people to take care of their memory. You may have a special day when you choose your bouquet carefully with each of the petals. Preserving it will help you to enjoy the beauty of the flowers longer.

There are several methods you can try at home, from the simplest to the hardest one. Even you don’t need hard-to-get material to get one. After this, you can make your own preserved roses.

Press the Flowers

One easy way to do it is by pressing the fresh flowers. If you have a flower bouquet, you also can press the whole bouquet or by choosing some of it. Use clean wax paper as the base and spread the flowers on it. Arrange the flowers like you desire because once it’s dried and pressed, you can’t manipulate them. Make sure your flowers are fresh, it will give a good result

Hang the Flowers

The second method for how to preserve fresh flowers is also easy. What you need to do is just hang the flowers upside down. To do this, unwrap the flower bouquet and cut away. You need ties or tape to tie it. To get the best result to hang the stems one by one. After that hang the flowers upside down in a temperate and dry area. When using this air-dry method, you will need at least a week to make the bouquet dried.

Use Silica Gel

Silica gel is porous sand that helps to absorb humidity or water. It can dry your fresh flowers in seven days. The advantage of using silica gel is that your dried flowers will look closely at how they did. Freezing may also be a choice, but it’s not the best one. Silica gel is available at a craft store. To make one, try to form a base from the gel then put the petals on it. Gently pour other silica gels around the flowers and make sure the shape of your flowers isn’t compromised. Keep filling the container with the gel until its top, and seal it tightly. Making sure that your container is airtight will make the result good.

Use Epoxy Resin

Another way for how to preserve fresh flowers is by using epoxy resin. If you want to make the dried flower as decoration, using epoxy resin is the best way. First, get your mold of resin in your local store. Fill with the epoxy resin and arrange the flowers in the fluid. And let it dry.

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Photo by Rachel Claire from Pexels


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