How To Make Rose Bouquet Resistant Longer?

Who would not be happy if someone special gives you a bouquet of roses? You definitely want to keep it, right? Besides being beautiful, it also has its own value if it’s got from a special person for you. However, in fact rose bouquet will certainly withered in the future because it is a cut fresh flower and not artificial bouquet such as plastic flower. Therefore, in this article I will give you some tips of how to make rose bouquet resistant longer, so you can enjoy longer the bouquet from someone special of you.

There are several ways to make a rose bouquet last longer than usual, here are the tips and you can choose which to do that suitable with you.

The First Way

Usually a bouquet of roses at the end of their stem covered by aluminum foil or plastic and plastic-coated cotton watery. First of all you need to open the cover, then cut end of the stem about one cm with a slightly tilted position. Pick also leaves (if any) on the bottom of the stalks, throw away the thorn’s if any and put into the flower vase that filled with clean water.

Rose Bouquet Resistant Longer

Replace the water in the vase every day with new clean water. Also cut end of the stem about one cm with a slightly tilted position when changing the water. Also note the leaves if they are starting to change color from green to brown or slightly wilted and then picked it.

Second way

The same way as the first, but there is a difference in filling water in a vase. Firstly, you need to do the first steps in the first way (first paragraph). Then fill the vase with warm water, then dissolve sugar  as much as two tablespoons for one liter of water. Sugar solution is useful when you receive a bouquet of roses yet in bloom so you want the flowers bloomed.

Another possible solution is replaced sugar by vinegar (two tablespoons for one liter of water). Vinegar works to inhibit the growth of bacteria in water that lead to decay of the flower stems. If you do not have vinegar, you can use lemon juice. If you doesn’t have both of them, you can also use the glycerin that can be obtained at a pharmacy.

Other solution that can be used as a bacteria killer is bleach (any brand). If you use this, one liter of water mixed with one teaspoon of salt. You can also use one tablet of cold medicine (any brand) that has previously been finely ground and then dissolved into the water of the vase.

Third way

The last way to choose, take the first way steps in the first paragraph. Then keep the vase filled the bouquet of roses into the fridge, then your roses will stay fresh and last longer. However this step have weakness which is you can not enjoy the freshness and beauty of the flowers in a room of your home, the last way is really for you to keep the bouquet of roses which are given by someone  special can last longer. Take out only occasionally to enjoy its beauty and then return into the freezer.

That’s how to make rose bouquet resistant longer. However, of the several ways mentioned above, the most important thing and should be considered is always to avoid storage vase in a place that is exposed to direct sunlight, keep it also from the heat of the lights so turn off the light when night falls.

Another important thing that should be done is replace the water in the vase every day, however if you doesn’t have time or forget to replace, replaced minimal every 2-3 days. Spray also rose as much as 3 times a day using clean water on the petals. If there is no time, one time a day will suffice.

Tip of the stem and the leaves that are starting to change be brown or yellow,  should be cleaned by cutting and picking them, so that the spread of bacteria can be hampered. Make a bouquet of roses granting from your special person last longer with these ways.

Image source: Charles Sporn


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