How To Make Flower Food For Preserving Roses

It’s no longer a strange thing when we want to keep the roses cut flower live longer in our vase using flower food. It’s a commercial product for preserving roses or another cut flowers live longer in the water of our vase. You can buy the flower food easily of course using online shop is one of the easiest way for it if you cannot find it in your local florist shop. But, actually you can do it yourself also at your home. So how to make flower food for preserving roses?

Before I give you the tips, you may want to know the theory of why flower food are great for preserving roses or another cut flowers in the vase. Flower food is contains a biocide that will kill the bacteria but simultaneously contains acidifier to make the stems drink the water also a sugar that will nourish the blooms.

Okay then, below are three tips that you can try on how to make flower food for preserving roses (DIY):

  1. Mix one teaspoon of sugar, one teaspoon of bleach, two teaspoon lemon or lime juice and one quart of lukewarm water.
  2. Mix one teaspoon of sugar, one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and one quart of water.
  3. Or use the easiest way which is using lemon lime soda but don’t use diet or other flavoured sodas. Use one cup of lemon lime soda with three cups of water.

How To Care

That’s it, the flower food are easy to get whether you buy it or do it yourself at home. However, still you need to care your roses or any cut flowers you have before and during the vase.

Before you input your cut flowers into your vase from the florist, their stems seals shut because they has been out of water for some time. So you need to cut the stems again to open up so they can drink the food and water.

Also make sure to remove any leaves that below the water line, if not, they will just rot and creating bacteria faster, then you just wasted your flower food.

Please remember that the key for preserving roses or another cut flowers in the vase is to inhibits the growth of bacteria. So you need everything’s clean, you need prepare your vase with clean, so you can wash your vase before you use it using a mild soap and hot water. Then, use a clean towel to wipe it dry.

During The Vase

When you see the water starts looking cloudy, usually every three days. Change the water and make your flower food again and don’t forget to re-cut the stems (do again the tips on how to care part). If there are any dead or shedding flowers, you just need to throw away.

Keep away your vase on direct sunlight or another heat sources. Find a cool area because many flowers will live last longer under cooler conditions.


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