How To Make Blue, Green and Purple Roses – Final Chapter

In my previous article, I wrote how to make blue, green and purple roses. But the process is not finished yet. So, in this article I will write the final chapter on how to dye the white roses into blue, green or purple color. If you just found this article for the first time, you need to check my previous article of this dyeing process here: How To Make Blue Roses.

If you have been read my previous article about this dying process of roses and have been understood. Or you just have a try the process, so you need to wait for 6 – 8 hours or more to make the white roses color turned into blue color or else (depends on what color you choose).

If your white roses has turned into another color (you have successfully turned it into another color). There are another finishing process you need to do to make the color more evenly distributed.

Firstly, you need to clean the tip of the stems with water and then cut again the tip of the stems about one centimeter with sloping position. Then, you need to dye again into clean water for about 1-2 hours. After that, you will see how the color is, they will evenly distributed. Then, you have successfully making blue roses or another color you choose.

However, if you get unsuccessful like the color not changing good enough like this picture:

You need to dye again more longer, but before that, you need to cut again the tip of the stems to make the roses could absorbing the color water better. However, if the result still remain the same. You need to take another experiments but you must change the brand of your food coloring. Or you can search another dyes other than food coloring.

That’s it, this is the basic tips on how to make blue roses, green roses, purple roses or another color you want to change from white roses. So, if you have your own of long stemmed of white roses plants, you can enjoy their flower into your vase with every color you like by this dyeing technique of roses.

Or, if you want to make preserved roses with unusual color of roses, this is the basic tips for you to make it happens. Practice makes perfect, you can try your own formula to get the results you want. Watch the video below to get more understand about this dyeing technique. Don’t forget to subscribed my youtube channel to get updates about roses tips.


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