How To Make Blue, Green and Purple Roses

How to make blue, green and purple roses at home by yourself (DIY Project)? The blue roses is not the natural color of roses, so you can do this tricks if you want getting blue roses by yourself. Even though the green and purple roses is a natural color of roses that you can plant, but sometimes you may hard to find the seeds to be planted. So you can try to get them with this tricks.

You may want to change the color of your white roses with another color you like, you can do so. You can try with food coloring that you can buy in your area for beginner. After you master this tricks, you may do it by special coloring for flowers.

This tricks also called tye dye roses, if you want to make preserved roses with unusual color of roses, this is the basic tips that you can try especially for beginners. You may find that different color of food coloring will make different results of how the color turn to be. It can be good or not, so you need to find another coloring formula besides of food coloring.

The Most Important To Make Tye Dye Roses

The most important thing to make succeed of tye dye roses, firstly you need white roses that never touch the water after being cut from their plants. Keep your white roses for minimum of 6 hours without touching the water, let them wither. The more they wither, the more chance you have to make your own blue roses. You can kept it for one day without water for the best results.

However, if your white roses has touching the water, then you cannot change them to be color that you want such as blue. So, if you want to try it by buying the roses from the florist, you must make sure that the florist never input the roses to the water. If you have your own white roses plant, so it’s perfect. I used the roses for this with named white avalanche or usually people called it long stemmed roses.

The Steps To Make Blue, Green and Purple Roses

Remove the foliage and set aside just a little on the top, this aims for the flowers to absorbed the color well and not disturbed by the leaves. I mean, if you let the leaves so many in the stem, the color will up to them and thus reducing the color quality of the flowers in the end.

Here on this example, I have 15 stems of white roses, so I will divide it into 5 stalks for each colors. We can tie them using rubber bands for every 5 stalks. Arrange it neatly on the flowers section, cover the flowers with paper and use tape to tie it. This aims for the flowers to absorbed the color and blooms evenly. Do this for all your white roses you have.

Then mix the blue food coloring in a glass of water, purple, green or another color you like for this project. You can use with local food coloring that you can buy in your area, usually the price is quite cheap so it’s perfect for this project especially beginner. Don’t forget to stir it.

Next, you need to cut the tip of the stems with sloping position. This aims for a better intake of water also the coloring. Input your roses into the food coloring that you have mixed with water. Then you must wait for a minimum of 6 hours or more depends on what type the color you have also what kind it is.

That’s it for now, I will write the results in my next article also this is not the end of this tricks of tye dye roses. They are one thing that you need to do before you get the perfect color. You can also watch the video of this tricks below and don’t forget to subscribed my channel for updates.

Update: How To Make Blue Roses Final Chapter


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