How To Keep Roses Fresh With Water Without Any Additions

How to keep roses fresh with water without any additions? Maybe some people sound it impossible, because nowadays there are many additions to kept roses or another cut flowers to stay fresh for a longer time in the vase such as using flower food, bleach, vodka, apple cider vinegar, aspirin, soda, Listerine, sugar, penny and many more.

It is true if roses or another cut flowers will quickly wilting without any additions on the water. However this will happens if you just kept them with fresh water and just let it go and doing nothing. Still they are tricks to make your roses cut flower fresh last longer even if you just using fresh water without any additions.

So here are six tips to kept roses or another cut flowers lasting longer with fresh water and without any additions.

Keep The Water Fresh and Clean Everyday

Fresh and clean water will contain fewer bacteria. In general, any cut flowers will wither faster because the growth of bacteria in the water, if you doesn’t change the water everyday, the water inside vase will get cloudy, dirty and stinky. This is the reason your cut flowers can not stay longer if you keep the water without doing nothing, the bacteria will sucked up the flowers faster.

Recut The Ends Of The Stems

You need to recut the ends of the stems when you change the water everyday, because using fresh water without any additions the bacteria still growth and usually the very ends of the stems will rot so you need to recut for inhibits them.

Make Sure Your Scissors Are Clean And Sharp

The life of your blooms will diminish when you are using dull blades because the stems will crushed. It will more getting worst when the scissors are dirty because if there is dirty, so there is more bacteria.

Sterilize The Vase  

Just like I said before, cleanliness are matters to inhibits the growth of bacteria, so you need also to sterilize the vase everyday. Before you input the roses cut flower in a vase, you can disinfect the vase using soap and water. If you want to be extra careful, you can rinse it using bleach and water. Do this everyday when you change the water.

Don’t Keep Together With Fruits

It’s look like beautiful when you have cut flowers together with a bowl of fruits in your table. However the fact, this will only shorten up your life of flowers because fruits and other plants can give off gasses that will wilt your flowers faster.

Keep In The Coolest Part Of The Day

Your roses or any cut flowers if we kept it in the coolest part of the day will help lengthen the life of their blooms. So, you need to get away your vase from direct sunlight, heater vents and entry doors. For the best results, putting them in the refrigerator overnight helped to keep your cut flowers alive for a longer time. So, if you can make them like that overnight, the cold temperature in the refrigerator will help preserve them.


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