Simple Tricks to Make Roses Alive Longer

Flowers happen to be natural decoration which works well in every place. Fresh flowers always provide great look but one of the main pitfalls if you use the fresh ones is they are soon withered.  Thus, if you want to see the roses live longer, you need to give them special treatments.

Fresh roses will provide beautiful look at wherever they are placed. They are actually numerous methods to get preserved roses so that they keep alive. Most of the methods are completely easy yet effective so that they are worth to try. These simple tricks on how to keep roses alive longer perhaps can be beneficial for you.

Use Aspirin To Preserve The Roses

First, you can take benefit of Aspirin to preserve the roses. Aspirin performs as acid neutralizer for the flowers so that it will help the roses absorb the water effectively. All you have to do when you want to preserve roses using this method is by dropping about 325 mg tablets of Aspirin into the clean water where you place the roses.

Let the Aspirin dissolve completely in the water on the first day and similarly on the other day when you change the water. This method is quite effective since the roses dead on the fifth day after you add the Aspirin during the first few days.

Use Penny To Get Preserved Roses

Penny also can be another good option if you want to get preserved roses. Penny is claimed to support the preservation of roses since the reaction of metal and water is effective to fight against bacteria. This trick is quite popular among old-schoolers to keep the flowers stay longer.

To do this preserving technique, you just need to drop one shiny penny to the bottom of vase used to put the roses. This technique commonly will support the life of roses for seven days or around one week. However, when the eight day comes, the roses most likely start withered and dead.

Use The Bleach To Make The Roses Live Longer

You can use the bleach to make the roses live longer. It is since the bleach is known to be effective to slacken the bacteria growth which can kill the roses. If you want to use the bleach, you only need to add 1/4 teaspoon of bleach into the vase on the first day and also similarly to other day when you change the water.

You do not need to worry about the appearance since the bleach does not change the water colour. The stems perhaps slowly turn into white colour after few days but the red roses themselves can live for about eight days.

Use Sugar To Get Preserved Roses

Another trick to get preserved roses is using sugar because the sugar water acts as fertilizer for the flower even though in longer use it tends to crystalize and support bacteria growth. You only require sprinkling about ¼ teaspoon of sugar into the vase on the first day and when you change it with new water. The roses stay in sugar water still bloom beautifully for few days but then drop fast. Roses can live about nine days when you use this method on how to keep roses alive longer.


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